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Recently in competition there have been a few matches in which dead rounds were called and the sides played were messed up. Usually this is handled by a match restart, but this is a workaround and not a good one for stat tracking/ overall match flow. There was a thread that address a wish for a pause "button" (different that the current one).

An idea was started in that thread for a "throwaway round" option. I think that this could address the dead round issue and improve match flow.

I would request two admin options/ commands:

- restart round. This would immediately restart the current round and discard any kills and stats for that round.

- restart round when time expires. This would be for a situation where a player disconnects and the team needs time to re-fill the position. Identical to above but delayed until the round timer expires.


  • ={GIS}=Nesquick={GIS}=Nesquick Posts: 19Player
    You can already restart round.

    Type adminRestartRound (or bAdminRestartRound) in the console and the round will restart :)
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    There is a thread open under PAUSE in esports. and thanks NESQUICK. I did nto know about that. But we do need something that is easier.


    I wonder if that can be bound to a hotkey.

    But our main issue is stats and so on. There should be a implementation for discarding a round including kills and deaths. I wish everything could be done from commands in chat ala csgo pug clients
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    @Rokis I started this thread to separate it from the suggested Mulligan type pause button.
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    something.. anything would be nice.. its a kick in butt having to restart, withdraw, blah blah blah..
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    You can already restart round.

    Type adminRestartRound (or bAdminRestartRound) in the console and the round will restart :)

    Didn't know about this but everything that happens stat wise in that round still stays and counts. Other than that it restarts the round as if previous round never happened from what I was told

    Its definitely better than restarting whole match over or playing till end of match and having to due a mini 1-2 round or more match after that one.

    You would think there would be an Admin Command for such a thing where Pause, changemap, etc all is since we are in full release and not beta anymore...

    Another issue is while this command is being applied or w/e you can still shoot and if players do the round restart doesn't work. So need to make it known you cannot kill during restart round time period.
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  • =IK=El.Jefe=IK=El.Jefe Posts: 72Player
    We just tested and confirmed that after restart has been called by admin you can still kill the opposite team and advance the round.
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