Any plans for official advertising?

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I realize the DoD is strapped for cash. [TOS Violation], we pay a company thousands of dollars to wash some sleeping bags at my unit. But is anything being done, or at least being discussed, to get some official advertising for AAPG?

Those numbers are pretty discouraging. There's only so much grass roots advertising the community can do. And the FPS market on PC continues to get muddy with the recent R6 releases. I know this topic has been beat to death other the last couple of years, but is anything actually being discussed there in Huntsville?



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    If trump gets in?
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    one idea would be to bring the old maps back officially :-)
    you can use my ports if you want :-P
    perhaps the old players would come back again.

    Also make more advertising for AAPG.
    the best advantage of AAPG: its a great FirstPersonShooter for free and not containing any "moneypullingsystems" like many other free FPS.

    The Graphics is awesome. (perhaps i should build my maps in productionlighting and not in preview mode :awesome: )

    The gameplay is based on team interaction. you are lost alone (like it is on the real battlefields)
    Its near to realism but also you could play it in some arcade mode :awesome: :+1:

    #Perhaps some facebook advertising (guerilla) ask youtubers to make Letsplays
    #ask some papers / magazines to name AAPG (it has recently gotten out of BETA and is for FREE)
    #perhaps place it on steammarketplace better :-)

    Hope i could give you some suggestions. ANd i hope the DEV's will read this.
    Gz Modtools
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    Maps won't do miracles, like always sugested. We have enough maps, and enough diversity. Fix the main bugs, no more database mess ups, and people won't leave (that's a start). than advertise, add cool features and now and then a map. Not always making maps.

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    +1, even comp mode is closer to saving the game than new maps.
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    comp mode will save the game and heal the world too o:)
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    You have some weird beliefs but let's hope they come true.
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    Have faith my friend have faith.. #believe in comp mode
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    I think some of the old maps would help (the most popular ones). Would a dump of all of them do the trick? I'm not so sure. That's a lot of maps.

    Although, I'm also more in favor of a new fresh take on all of the maps rather than a direct port, but I know others would rather have a direct port.
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    +1 on better advertising and cleaning up bugs
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    direct port are not possible.
    They are all new builds off old layout on new engine :awesome:
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    Modtools wrote: »
    direct port are not possible.
    They are all new builds off old layout on new engine :awesome:

    Either way, it's a replication of the layout and textures.
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    Advertising definitely needs to start for this game.

    I don't agree with those that say comp mode will magically fix the game. I think that there ought to be a comp mode, but don't mesh it into normal gameplay. AA2 had a great tournament mode with plenty of features. A lot of the comp ideas are great and I'd love to see them game-wide...but AAPG should not be a comp game - IMO.

    There are plenty of relatively cheap advertising techniques. One of them is handing out discs. The only reason I started playing AA 10+ years ago was because I got a free CD at the Boy Scout National Jamboree at Fort AP Hill. I would have never known about the game had I not been given a free CD. Send discs to recruiters. Give out discs at events like Comic-Con, RTX, SXSW, etc. I know Steam is a slightly different platform than traditional game discs... but there ought to be a way to integrate it.

    Contact known YouTubers and have them give unbiased reviews. You don't have to pay them to do it, just approach them and ask them to review it. Great way to get some 3rd party feedback. Some of the feedback here is just a circlejerk, so it would be nice to see what outsiders like/dislike.


    Apart from advertising, we need more game feature updates. I know the Devs work their tails off, and it doesn't go unseen. However, there are a few things that would make the game so much more dynamic. Many players get annoyed with the hand-holding the game does for you.
    • Why can't we drop all of our weapons?
    • Why can't we drop our lethal and tactical nades?
    • Why can't we not yell "Frag Out" every time we throw a grenade?
    • Why aren't doors a part of the official maps yet? - Why can't we spam a door to make an enemy frag himself?
    • Why can I put 25 rounds into an enemy at 10m and have him double-tap me a second later?
    • Why can't I throw a nade between bamboo stalks?
    • and plenty more...

    Bottom line is, the game is shallow as-is. It is definitely MUCH better than months/years ago, but still has work to be done. I would love to see more progress in the depth instead of adding more maps. There's no point in having more maps if there's nobody to play them.
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    [*] Why can't we not yell "Frag Out" every time we throw a grenade?
    Press Tactical mode
    [*] Why can I put 25 rounds into an enemy at 10m and have him double-tap me a second later?
    If you hit him he's dead.

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    CDs? This isn't 1999. Good idea, but discs are so out dated.
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    Yeah, discs would be worthless in today's world. It would be worthwhile to advertise the game with posters and stuff at Army recruiting stations though.

    Either way, I know it's not the only answer, but the game needs more features. It really does. The game needs to offer something that the other big name franchises don't. Right now, I'm not sure what that thing is... and please don't tell me a great community, because a lot of that goes away if you have a huge player base.
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    -Ner0- wrote: »
    [*] Why can I put 25 rounds into an enemy at 10m and have him double-tap me a second later?
    If you hit him he's dead.

    CD's was just an example. I haven't seen a shred of advertising in the local offices and friends that are recruiting in my town haven't even heard of the game.
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    I agree that the game really needs some advertising to raise the player numbers. The most people I talk to and tell what I´m currently playing always say: " What it still exist? I only know the old version 10 years ago..."
    I think everybody will agree that the game never will be as big as in former times, but a solid player community of 3000-5000 would be really great.
    Sure the game needs more features to get all these players or at least a feature which no game offer to players in another games.

    Only releasing Maps by itself dont bring that players. Bring out a solid comp mode would be a good start I think but it wouldnt bring more players at all.
    What I think would also be a good start they should do more skins for players and weapons. I know that the possibilities are limited to stay with real camo but why dont bring something special for a special weapon challenge for example?
    Also I think it would be cool to add some new equipment you can choose from for example

    - landmine or claymore you can take instead of a fragnade.
    - colored smoke nade to mark enemy location ( perfect for maps like homestead)
    - flare gun same to mark enemy or attack direction
    - LMG like MP7 high firerate less dmg med
    - special attachment for exapmle laserpointer

    I also have an Idea for a new class:

    Spec Intel Class (or whatever)

    Primary Weapon: LMG MP 7
    Sec. weapon: M9 or flare gun
    Special Device: recon drone control Unit --> New feature: you able to use the recon drone 2 times a match for 5 sec ( you could also make it fix to special position on the map you have to secure first)
    Equipment 2: colred smoke, fog

    Just some ideas for new game features I think which could be fun. =)
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    On a side note, just wondering, is is possible to implement drive-able vehicles etc from the AAPG advanced editor? Or is it only possible from the Dev's side? I have been modelling some vehicle game models and animated it in a 3d software. Wonder if it will work in game. Thanks.
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    I dont know I would really get stomachache if they implement driveable vehicles.
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    The game isnt the product, the Army is the product the game is advertising.
    Basically the game gets funded with Army PR budget.
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