Why do you play? [serious]



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    SSKnecabo wrote: »
    It was back in beta and he was level 40. For me trying to improve means changing up things if they don't work out and learning from mistakes and he was definitely not doing that. He went the easy way implying cheese eating though..

    Yes the point is everyone plays to improve on ways not to die and how to get kills. Yes some take it way more serious than others but everyone is always trying to improve somewhat at the game. Whether that be casually, serious, or what ever. Also without the social aspect of the game I don't think anyone would play. You play the game with friends or you don't really play. (Whether that be going to the same server every time you play because its familiar and the other players may know you or just playing with the same people that you may also be in a team or on ts with) Overall everyone still plays the game to improve. Nobody wants to die every round. It's exactly why everyone hates cheeseters so much.
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    The Bartle Test is always good

    Edit: My scores

    Your gaming style is
    Achiever: 33%
    Explorer: 67%
    Griefer: 13%
    Socializer: 87%
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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    Geez, Tots...

    Achiever - 47%
    Explorer - 53%
    Griefer - 53%
    Socializer - 47%

    I think that qualifies me as......weird.


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    Your gaming style is
    Achiever: 53%
    Explorer: 60%
    Griefer: 40%
    Socializer: 47%
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    you tell me, is this correct:

    Your gaming style is
    Achiever: 47%
    Explorer: 60%
    Griefer: 73%
    Socializer: 20%

    Dont really see my self as a griefer tho
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    Your gaming style is
    Achiever: 40%
    Explorer: 47%
    Griefer: 87%
    Socializer: 27%

    I may very well suffer from Rambo-entiritis :lol:
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    If you read the papers that go with the study, it doesn't mean griefer in the way we look at it. In most versions of the test it's replaced with "killer"

    "Causing mayhem among computer-controlled people and things may be fun to the Killer, but nothing amounts to the joy of pitting one's skills against an actual player-controlled opponent. For most, the joy of being a Killer results from a friendly competitive spirit. They're in it for the sport, trying to read their opponent's moves and generally acting with honor."
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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    I play in hopes that Comp Mode will make an appearance
    #Support Comp Mode

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    Achiever 47%
    Explorer 47%
    Griefer 60%
    Socializer 47%

    I'd say that's accurate.
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    I mostly play to have fun and reduce stress of real life [mod edit] days

    often i learn new techniques and become a better player, and sometimes help a new player learn the "tricks" to the game, it feels good, more people should try this, would help the community a lot.

    I dont "scrim" or play comp much, but I find the challenge of a scrim or a match one of the best parts of this game, honestly my hands literally shake every single time I play a scrim/match or a challenging pub match.

    I live for the moments where I am the last man standing, and try my best to clutch the round so my team can win.

    Although its not all perfect, i also rage when faced with a difficult opponent or team that way better than me that i believe is not playing fairly.

    AA is a love/hate relationship to me, and yes I am very addicted and thats why I play.

    Love 50%

    Hate 50%

    I'd say that's the truth.

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    Well sheet....Now a days i just play for comp and to be yelled at in pubs by the social elites who think that everyone that is significantly better than them got them hax. Hackca backa macka team stacka. But in all seriousness i just want to improve and have fun. Shout to all the dc fan boys and girls accusing us of dem hax every single pub! Keep ya head up fam.
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    I like my result ^_^
    Achiever: 40%
    Explorer: 73%
    Griefer: 13%
    Socializer: 73%
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    That test is for RPG..screw that.
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    Ya, true...I found I had to .....extrapolate....a little to do that survey. :s

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    iNv|roKis wrote: »
    That test is for RPG..screw that.

    Not just RPGS, more MMO RPGs. I play single player RPGs, but some of these questions don't even pertain to that.
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    I play...bc my team makes me.
  • iNv|roKis-iNv|roKis- Posts: 420Player
    I play...bc my team makes me.

    truth. no more csgo
    Bhop is a string of jumps with no interruptions.
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    For me, it's all about the community; of course if you seen the way I play, and have been playing off and on since 2003, well you know it's not because how good I am at the game!!! :p
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    Heh heh. Did anyone watch that video posted by Duke above? Many of us that are over 50 remember when kids went outside to play...and one of the things was playing 'army' before political correctness hit us.

    Now....we can play video games together!


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