Server Admin abuses report

This topic serves for the other players to know the kind of server owners/admins that certain servers have.

I understand thats the owners pay the server, but they use a game that isn't their, and they should be obligated to respect the game values, like it was in the past. Specially the Respect value.
With this, i am not saying that the owners can't make room for their friends or clanmates, but even there, there is a respectable way of doing it.

Call me old fashion, but nothing kills more the game spirit than the cheaters and the abusers...
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    Their servers they can do as they please , there is plenty of servers, play on a different one or get one for yourself . There are plenty of ways to avoid a server if you feel you are being "abused" because they make room for their own .
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    This really isn't the place to do this.
    Private servers are private, and can generally be run however the server owner wants.
    That's why we provide official servers to play on, so all players have a stable home base of servers.
    If you feel a particular server is grossly violating community standards let us know in a support ticket and we'll review it and take action if necessary.
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

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