M24 Weapon challenge.

I got the golden hawk eye M24 but have not received the new skins for some reason. (SnakeSkin). He writes that the game is not yet completed. Steam is a medal given to him ready. This is true also of M16 (sorry for bad leanguage) :) i very little speak english


  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,047Moderator
    The golden hawkeye has to be earned with the correct weapon alone for the achievements.
    So you cant do any of the kills with nades or pistol.
  • Hc|n!ghtm4re|HunHc|n!ghtm4re|Hun Posts: 2Player
    Yeah i know :) only sniper kill. He entered the game on Steam and it was good. but I left to go to the new skin and you wrote that you do not have \
  • $heck!ey.cze$heck!ey.cze Posts: 6Player
    The Challenge coin does not Hawkeyes, Dead Eyes, etc. Today I collected these coins. I have not been credited for the Challenge. What's happening? Sorry for bad leanguage) :) i very little speak english.
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