The Bridge spam shot problem



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    Lol they dont have fix spawnpoints and u cant see so far, and u actually dont cover teamm8s while theyre runnig to next cover because enemies dont see them. Tell me where its supressive fire rofl
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    Well I don't know what the problem is. they can do the same from their def location.
    its not hard at all.

    I can see far enough to know where I'm shooting. this is more or less the same issue as in AA2 where people would complain about jumping (Bunnyhopping) Dev's made the game that way so the use of that function is not illegal. just like camping.
    shooting between the concrete barriers at assault start. its not illegal. if you get shot by placed suppressive fire your a idiot because there are ways to avoid getting shot. Assault is underpowered in this map so. also if your gonna cry about spam fire between concrete walls, defence should not fire the AR on the ledges too. that is what I call spam cus u cant see assault ledges from def stairs.

    just stop crying and play the game. with or without spam fire.
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    Noone cares about your personal definitions because it's just wrong.
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    frankof wrote: »
    its still rather stupid to be caught by it over and over

    Haven't been killed by it once on AAPG bridge. It still easy to do and cheap.. But I don't have a big issue with it because it is something that could potentially happen in real life just not very likely.
    Pie charts + Graphs= Very Bad.

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    SSKnecabo wrote: »
    Noone cares about your personal definitions because it's just wrong.

    you can have your opinion.
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