Broken weapon challenge.

So i got on to day first time sense the update. And i was going to finish my M24 Sniper Rifle Weapon challenge. So here is what i needed, {250/250 Weapon Kills} {7/10 Hawkeye -or- Eagle eye} {1/0 Deadeye} So as you can see i don't need all that much. so i started playing, and after playing all day and getting 5 Deadeyes, and a unknown number of Hawkeyes, i looked to see that nothing had changed! i had completed nothing all day. So i though to my self maybe it's not loading in. and i should just give it some time and i did, lot's of time.... and still nothing so i went on over to the shoot house and got a bronze mettle with my M24 Sniper Rifle. And put it back on the leaderboard hoping that it might fix what ever bug i have with it. But no it did not help, this issue is making me rather unhappy with the game. So please, some one tell me if I'm doing something wrong. And if a GM could get back to me that would be great. I can supply more information about this if so thank you for your time.
Ps. i am having this issue with more then one weapon but mainly my m24.


  • |FOX|Pitpav|FOX|Pitpav Posts: 41Player
    Maybe You played on Official Server FRA12 which doesn't count kills, stats etc.
  • DeltaKiloDeltaKilo Posts: 146Developer
    what is your soldier name? It looks like you created a new account to post in the forums because I don't see any stats for you on this account
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    DeltaKilo wrote: »
    what is your soldier name? It looks like you created a new account to post in the forums because I don't see any stats for you on this account
    here is my soldier name, and in case the link dose not work, it's. [10AM] Clerick.
  • -{HTF}-Clerick-{HTF}-Clerick Posts: 7Player
    Pitpav^gr8 wrote: »
    Maybe You played on Official Server FRA12 which doesn't count kills, stats etc.
    At first i thought that. But, then i got a Deadeye on another server, and still nothing.
  • DeltaKiloDeltaKilo Posts: 146Developer
    ah, ok I found you. Your name in the forums will update next time you have to login after changing it on the website. I'll dig into it to see what is going on.
  • -{HTF}-Clerick-{HTF}-Clerick Posts: 7Player
    DeltaKilo wrote: »
    ah, ok I found you. Your name in the forums will update next time you have to login after changing it on the website. I'll dig into it to see what is going on.
    Much appreciated. Let me know what you dig up.

  • DeltaKiloDeltaKilo Posts: 146Developer
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    Hey Clerick, I was able to pull your data and I don't see any M24 Hawkeyes, Eagleeyes or Deadeyes for the last 30 days. Did you see the coins pop-up in the game that you got any of these? Remember, a M24 hawkeye has to be 3 kills in a row in one round with the M24 (no pistol or grenade kills). A change that was in this update means it doesn't have to be the first 3 in the round, but three in a row during one round.

    I don't have the distance each headshot was at, so I can't tell if any of them should have been eagleeyes, but there are several matches since 3/1 where you had more than one M24 headshots in the same match where it would be possible to get two in a row for a deadeye, but probably unlikely that of only 2 headshots in a match they were both in a row without dying. Here is a list of those matches (times are in UTC):

    20160301 08:35:51 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP ShotsHitM24Head 4
    20160301 09:15:33 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP ShotsHitM24Head 2
    20160301 22:21:40 BDX_WATCHDOG_C4.UMAP ShotsHitM24Head 3
    20160302 03:06:40 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP ShotsHitM24Head 2
    20160302 04:04:39 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP ShotsHitM24Head 2
    20160302 06:07:44 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP ShotsHitM24Head 2
    20160302 07:39:07 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP ShotsHitM24Head 2
    20160302 08:17:51 FLO_BRIDGE_EX.UMAP ShotsHitM24Head 5

    Here is a list of all the matches since 3/1 where you killed enemies with an M24 and how many kills you had in that match:

    20160301 00:12:41 FLO_HOMESTEAD_C4.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 4
    20160301 00:43:39 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 4
    20160301 01:04:48 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 5
    20160301 04:15:37 FLO_BRIDGE_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 6
    20160301 04:19:45 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 2
    20160301 04:35:25 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 3
    20160301 05:00:26 FLO_CHECKOUT_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 2
    20160301 05:20:41 FLO_DOWNTOWN_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 3
    20160301 05:39:10 FLO_HOMESTEAD_C4.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 3
    20160301 07:48:07 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 1
    20160301 08:00:25 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 1
    20160301 08:35:51 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 11
    20160301 09:15:33 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 8
    20160301 19:51:39 FLO_BRIDGE_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 4
    20160301 20:07:06 BDX_INTERCEPT_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 6
    20160301 20:26:23 BDX_SPRINGSTREET_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 5
    20160301 20:41:16 BDX_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 7
    20160301 21:02:07 FLO_HOMESTEAD_C4.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 3
    20160301 21:47:00 FLO_HOMESTEAD_C4.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 5
    20160301 22:21:40 BDX_WATCHDOG_C4.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 4
    20160301 22:48:48 BDX_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 7
    20160301 22:55:04 BDX_CHECKOUT_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 1
    20160302 01:14:28 FLO_HOMESTEAD_C4.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 2
    20160302 01:45:49 FLO_HOMESTEAD_C4.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 5
    20160302 03:06:40 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 6
    20160302 04:04:39 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 2
    20160302 06:07:44 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 2
    20160302 07:39:07 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 6
    20160302 08:17:51 FLO_BRIDGE_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 11
    20160302 08:24:38 BDX_SPRINGSTREET_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 2
    20160302 21:35:45 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 2
    20160302 22:03:26 FLO_INNERHOSPITAL_EX.UMAP EnemyKilledM24 4

    Let me know if you think there are any matches missing or any of those matches that you think you earned one of the M24 coins we can look deeper into it. We haven't received any other reports of them not working, but we are testing to verify again that they are functioning properly.
  • -{HTF}-Clerick-{HTF}-Clerick Posts: 7Player
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    Yes DeltaKilo. First off i would like to thank you for helping me figure this out. OK so, first off after reading your last post i can say for sure that i got a deadeye in 5 games on five different servers, i know this because first off i got the coins. Secondly i got two of my clan members on our server to help me test it, i had them stand side by side and then i took the 2 shots by shooting 1 and getting a head shot then lowering the weapon then firing again to get the last head shot and it showed i got a deadeye, we then played out the round and nothing happened we then tried it again 2 more times on 3 servers in all, and still nothing worked and as for the Hawkeyes, i got a unknown number of them why playing but it's safe to say i got at lest 3 with my M24. I checked after getting them and i was still at 7/10 Hawkeyes.

    If you would like, you can come on to a server with me and bring someone with you or i can bring someone and we can test it out further maybe then we can get to the bottom of this.

    You can get a hold of me threw Steam if you like my name on Steam is:Clerick
    let me know ahead of time what your steam name is so i don't add any one ells.

    Thanks again for your time and helping me with this issue.

    Ps. i have met several more players having this issue with other weapons where there kills/Hawkeyes/Eagleeyes are not adding up.
  • TheTotsTheTots Posts: 2,278Player
    Hey Clerick, Dev Tots here.

    We've been running some testing on this and we think we've found the issue. For the time being I'm afraid you're going to be stuck where you are at, but we are working on the fix for this.

    I'm extremely sorry about this!
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

  • -{HTF}-Clerick-{HTF}-Clerick Posts: 7Player
    edited March 2016
    Hello FunPolice.

    i would like to thank you for looking in to this for me, it's very much appreciated and i eagerly await a fix for this bug. I can't wait to get my M24 skin as i have been working hard for it :) Again i thank you very much for your time and DeltaKilo's time for looking in to this for me, I hope you guys fix this issue soon. :)

    Ps: There is no need to be sorry :)
  • -{HTF}-Clerick-{HTF}-Clerick Posts: 7Player
    Hello again just checking in to see how the weapon challenge issue is coming along. if you could update me on the issue that would be much appreciated.

    On another note i would like to let you guys know that i found a exploit on the new map Homestead, where one can hide in a wall and take no damage what so ever why getting in thoughts kills. I don't think any one has used it as i have not told/shown anyone this yet so it's rather new. Please let me know what the best way to show you how the exploit is preformed so it can be fixed. Thank you again for your time.

    With great thanks. Clerick
  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,077Moderator
    Either file a bug report your self, or PM the location to a moderator/mail the aacm.
  • Habibi.Habibi. Posts: 1Player
    i have same problem :neutral:
  • DeltaKiloDeltaKilo Posts: 146Developer
    Clerick, the patch released this morning was to fix the M24 weapon challenge issues you were seeing. Thanks for the report and helping us track it down.
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