iNvaders Pocast #5 tonight at 9pm EST - With Madchild from TWL

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Hey guys, join Rokis, eKComm, and myself on the 5th podcast happening this evening at 9pm EST.

Our special guest this week will be Madchild from TWL. He's a senior staff member from the early TWL days that's wanting to bring it all back to AAPG and other games.

In addition to our questions for our guest, we'll be discussing:
  • Upcoming/noteworthy FN matches
  • Watching some exclusive Help-A-Noob footage on how to improve at the game
  • Update on our Open/B team
  • Discussing the South American teams comp scene (A*A*E, CDN, [GwA], aWb, R], ~vG], -=ME=-, ^SuR, CODE)
  • Discussing 1-2 noteworthy UMMs that could work for comp, and should see more pub play.
  • Discuss upcoming game update featuring the new map Homestead, plus minor features that would be great to see.
  • Drama/scrub(s) of the week
  • and more...

Hope to see you there!
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    Going live

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  • Thanks for having us on guys! We thoroughly enjoyed it.
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    Again, same thing for ESL, if there's an NA admin we can do all the cups you want, I wont be able to do that alone, especially now that I'm mostly playing another game.
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    The youtube link is up guys.

    Bhop is a string of jumps with no interruptions.
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    Very cool, but everybody is impossible to hear, except Rokis...
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    Guys we'll likely be scrimming the Inner Pipeline map by @Maclobster this week. The link can be found here: Msg us if you wish to scrim it.

    We will try to feature 1-2 UMMs every podcast. Additionally, if anyone is interested in viewing the Breach breakdown, it's below.

    Lastly, we're pretty happy with how this podcast turned out. I feel we took your previous comments and suggestions to heart and applied them where we could. If you have further ideas/comments feel free to let us know (Yes I'll get a new mic soon.)

    @iNv|roKis Nice background bruh

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    that inner pipe map brings memories, and looks really good, gona have to dl it and try it one of these days

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    Maclobster made both inner pipeline and a full pipeline remake. Both look pretty good.
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    I'm gonna sub to the next podcast to get me one of dem Hooah's!
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    I guess you guys aren't doing these anymore?
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    We are, quite honestly a once a month schedule is likely to work best for us. We'll announce the next one this week.
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    It's been really busy lately. Multiple matches, practice and last minute castings along with real life stuff. We are building content. We will be back.
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