Great Outdoors Map Contest: Winner #3



  • Congratulation, Keebler. Your map gives me a chance to sharpen my long distance shooting skills when the M4 is not available. Looking forward to the enhanced versions of our maps.
  • Root-AccessRoot-Access Posts: 510Player
    Congratulations on the win, Keebler! All Terrain is a great map! Can't wait to play it on an official server.

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  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,621Beta Tester
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    REALLY glad people have been having fun on this! However, it NEEDS the Dev's improvements. Technically, I didn't enter AllTerrain, but the (sm)aller version. I don't know what will happen now... :o

    I'm in northern Canada right now on a photographic expedition...I'm a nature maybe I'll get some pics to show everyone what inspired this map.


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  • TatsfieldTatsfield Posts: 44Player
    A map for all preferences. Sniping for the kill addicts, CQB ambushes for the action heroes, stealthy terrain for the sneaky ones and objectives a plenty because strictly speaking that's what AAPG is supposed to be all about! I liked most of the competition entries and the realistic terrain is so immersive compared to the "cardboard city" maps that launched with AAPG. I'm looking forward to being able to find this map played on multiple servers so that there isn't only one full site with it available. All credit to the Beer_Me boys for hosting these open terrain maps and hopefully for popularising them with a greater percentage of the AA community.
  • Duke_AudiDuke_Audi Posts: 348Beta Tester
    Congratulations on the smALL accomplishment. hehe ;)
    Once the Dev.'s work their magic and get the technical difficulties sorted I’m sure even the nay sayers will come around.

    Good Job Soldier!
  • [ACH]GOFIO[ACH]GOFIO Posts: 26Player
    Congrats Keebler !
  • IO_i_OIIO_i_OI Posts: 1,107Player
    Congrats! Now pass out some free cookies :p
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