Great Outdoors Map Contest: Winner #2

Our second winning map is Stone Ruins by RedBaron64-ITA! This map does a great job of combining open terrain gameplay on the outsides of the map with more CQB style gameplay at the center of the map. This allows the map to support all roles and play styles. Players can use the exterior portions of the map to provide fire support on the interior objectives or use those exterior portions to flank around to the rear objective. Just pushing through the interior of the map is always an option as well. Objectives are well spaced out and the objective further from Attack Spawn offers stronger defensive options once the charge is planted (assuming attackers can breach the area), making both plant sites very viable options for the attacking team. This large number of options, available on both player and team levels, combined with strong atmosphere and solid map construction is what pushed this map into our top three. Everyone please congratulate RedBaron64 on a job well done. Look for Stone Ruins to be fully incorporated in the game in the coming months!


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