TUTORIAL - Natural Environments

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This is just a basic tutorial to give you some ideas on how to think about natural environments, to avoid repetitive patterns when using only a few static meshes for trees, rocks or other objects.

There are lots of other aspects that you can work with in an outdoor environment - landscape shaping and painting, lighting and shadow, wind and water effects, and even continuity - where it makes sense for things to naturally be, etc.

It takes quite a bit of work with individual meshes to get a natural feel, but it's worth it.

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    Great tips Keebler!

    As a bonus, your also indirectly learning people how to use the transform and rotate tools and how to duplicate meshes :mrgreen:
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    Thanks for sharing. :+1:
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    yes i know how difficult it can be to make a map looking like nature with its ordered disorder (hope you understand what i mean).
    Also a tip, try to be random. This looks most realistic.
    And also - but for all maps - love the little details they are the things making your map alive and fun to play.

    last tip: Cache some eastereggs hidden things in your map making your map interesting to discover.

    Sorry this were the first few things i loved to add.

    YOUR tutorial is great. Continue and keep on going.
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    Gz Modtools

    P.S. sorry for getting too pathetic - its a bit late now here in europe.
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    Thanks all.

    This was my first ever tutorial and I want them to be much more professional than this in the future. This was a practice run that turned out well enough I just let it be. There were a few details I missed because of this, like the "Snap" settings in the lower right of the application. I was going to work from notes/script it.

    Next time!

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    :+1: Thanks for your time on this.




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    Let me start from very basic, how to make map bigger then large. Any help how to make own template please ?
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