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hey guys, lately i've been experiencing unplayable lag. I first noticed it via ridiculous mouse lag in the main game menu. but in game it's absurd too. any ideas what could cause this? AA changes? Windows 7 changes?
i have no lag and no performance delays in windows 7 by itself with AA.


  • thebigman707thebigman707 Posts: 23Player
    i'm running windows 7, 8 GB ram, i7 processor, and radeon hd 7850M graphics card. never had problems before. in the main game menu i'm seeing like 10 fps with horrible mouse lag. it never used to be like this :(

    maybe can someone direct me how to verify that AA is running off of my graphics card?
  • thebigman707thebigman707 Posts: 23Player
    really no one has ANY advice to offer? this is killing me. I used to be able to play just fine. I downloaded the latest AMD driver as of Jan 2016.
    As soon as I launch the game, once I get in the main menu I have absurd lag. ANY HELP PLEASE
  • [1%R]Moreno[1%R]Moreno Posts: 24Player
    Trying verifying your cache through steam and see if that helps. I've noticed a bit more lag as well.
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,621Beta Tester
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    I don't know enough to comment. I'm hoping someone will come along with some of the things there's been concern about is the AMD drivers. Are you on a laptop?

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  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 656Moderator
    You have to back to what changed. Dust, new software, new neighbors (wi-fi), etc.
  • [KAOS]-Doc.Blade[KAOS]-Doc.Blade Posts: 31Beta Tester
    a few things you can try (some have been mentioned above already):

    1) Take the side off your case and see if there is any dust build up in any components that have a heatsink and fan. This will cause overheating if you do, and give you troubles such as this.

    2) Make sure ALL fans are actually turning, and not ceased (again, will cause overheating if any are not working and give you troubles such as this).

    3) Check to make sure your drivers are up to date.

    4) Have you installed any other software between when things were running fine and now? If so, maybe check that hasnt caused any troubles.

    5) Verify your game cache files (open steam, go to games library, right click on AA, left click on properties, click on "local files" tab, click on "verify integrity of game cache..." button. Let that go through and see if that helps.

    6) Do you have an iPad? If so, check to make sure it isnt pillaging your network and internet....especially the older models. My old iPad 2 (not the air 2, the original 2), got to a stage where it would just take over my internet and almost kill my network, when it was just sitting there in standby mode with no apps open. Try turning phones and tablets completely off and see how the network / internet goes.

    Hopefully one of the above might help :smile:
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  • thebigman707thebigman707 Posts: 23Player
    Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciate it. I'm running off of a laptop (HP Envy 17) but I never used to have problems. I didn't track FPS because it ran smooth-enough, but I probably used to get around 30-40.
    When this problem first arose, I system restored to a point where I know it was working fine--still had the lag after restore. I don't think I've had any software changes. I've updated AMD drivers as of Jan 2016 (my drivers were outdated prior).

    I'll check my dust build up next time I turn my computer off haha. Blow some air in there. My fans seem to be working fine, I can hear them. Also I'm pretty sure the issue lies with how the game is running, not network wifi based. My windows OS runs smoothly, no issues doing any of my normal things, everything is very responsive. But as soon as I launch AA and get into the main menu--INSANE LAG. Immediately. Mouse has about a full second delay. Before utilizing the internet at all. So I think it has to do with what AA is using as local resources. I have no onboard graphics, it's all on the AMD.

    BUT, I just checked the integrity of my cache (thanks for mentioning), and it found two bad files. After clicking launch AA it's doing a PB setup and possibly other stuff. Let's see if this fixes it. Will update shortly.
  • thebigman707thebigman707 Posts: 23Player
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    UPDATE: checking the cache's integrity seemed to work at first. Main menu was running a lot more smoothly, was getting about 20 fps instead of 10. Once I got in game though, the lag came back (server ping was like 85). It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't worth playing. I exited out and checked my cache again, TWO MORE FILES WERE CORRUPT. So I'm going to fix and try the game again. It's as if two files go bad once I get in game. I might try deleting all local content.
    Any comments?
  • SacchoSaccho Posts: 1,577Player
    "Verify cache" has a habit of reporting some config files as invalid. They're not really wrong, just get reported as such. Your files are probably fine.

    Main menu's much easier to run than anything in a match. If you're getting low FPS there, it won't get better in a live server.

    I wish I could give you a good walkthrough on making sure you're not using CPU graphics, but I don't have a representative system to try things out myself.
  • .dcG-Colts^.dcG-Colts^ Posts: 1,973Player
    2 files failed to verify means your game is fine on that end. I am not sure how to check if your using your Graphics card or onboard gpu unless your on nvidia but you can also try looking in bios to see if you can find onboard graphics and disable it. It could also be a virus. It is most likely not hardware related (dust, overheating, etc. Because that would either blue screen, crash your gpu/game, or shut off your pc and turn it back on(restart automatically).
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  • thebigman707thebigman707 Posts: 23Player
    I don't think it's hardware either. It has to do with what resources AA is using to run. And I don't have onboard graphics, so it's definitely on my AMD. I also tried deleting all local content and reinstalling, to no avail.
    I'm nearly certain that I don't have a virus, I baby this laptop--I never download anything except for files I know are safe, I have security, and there's nothing else to indicate a virus.
  • [1%R]Moreno[1%R]Moreno Posts: 24Player
    Do you have Duel Render Scope enabled.
  • [1%R]Moreno[1%R]Moreno Posts: 24Player
    Maybe even try turning V-sync on.
  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,077Moderator
    Maybe even try turning V-sync on.
    Never turn v-sync on in games, unless you're really bothered with tearing.
    Outside of fixing tearing it does nothing good for gaming, it can cause input lag, uneven/low framerate.
  • thebigman707thebigman707 Posts: 23Player
    both v-sync and dual render scope are off. I'm getting 11 fps in main menu before even joining a server
  • TheTotsTheTots Posts: 2,279Player
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

  • thebigman707thebigman707 Posts: 23Player
    I am not subscribed to any maps, thank you though
  • thebigman707thebigman707 Posts: 23Player
    so just as I thought, this magically "fixed itself" about a month ago. literally no changes to software or hardware, it just started running smoothly again a cool 60 fps in game. no idea why. and just last night I was playing fine too. now today, it's back to 10 fps in main game menu, huge mouse lag, totally unplayable. No changes to software that I'm aware of, not even an AA update via steam.

  • thebigman707thebigman707 Posts: 23Player
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    Andddd now it works again, [mod edit]
  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 656Moderator
    I'm going to suggest that it's a problem in the last 50 miles before it gets to your house.
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