server registration

I registered our server and haven't heard anything back, can I get it setup please


  • [aWb]RAL^US[aWb]RAL^US Posts: 10Player
    How long it took? (if resolved?) im waiting too, going for 3 days since original request. Nada. (sorry for reviving an old post)
  • me too i registered my server but the america's staff don't answer at my request.
    my server ip is: help me please :smile:
  • [KAOS]-Doc.Blade[KAOS]-Doc.Blade Posts: 31Beta Tester
    Have patience with them, they will get you sorted just as soon as they can :smile:
    Found a bug or having a challenge with the game, please submit a bug report so the DEV Team are aware of it, and can work to fix it. Please dont ignore it, and not worry, as you can be helping other people too by submitting a bug report. Click the link below, doesnt take long to do.
  • [BF]Dino[BF]Dino Posts: 6Player
    Hello, need help with server registration as well,
    Thx in advance!
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