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*(-ScV-)*V1P3R*(-ScV-)*V1P3R Posts: 112Player
Hello All

Plz help me out if u can my clan mate cannot login at the login screen in launcher and we've tried everything all ports in his routers firewall and on the computer windows firewall all ports is opened we even tried disabling his windows firewall completely but still comes with this error " The AA authentication system could not be contacted it may be down for maintenance or ur internet connection may have an issue plz check ur internet connection and verify ur firewall is not blocking port 443 for outbound secure connections" plz anyone help us!!!!!!! it's driving us crazy!!!!!!!!!!


  • HaRsH-CdN-in-NZHaRsH-CdN-in-NZ Posts: 6Player
    Did you ahve any luck with this? I am having the same issue.
  • =R*C=raVe=R*C=raVe Posts: 8Player
    AUTH servers are down for maintenance :)
  • HaRsH-CdN-in-NZHaRsH-CdN-in-NZ Posts: 6Player
    But that was the 3rd of May at midnight CST. It's the 4th today there. Right or am I confused?
  • GBGangstaGBGangsta Posts: 63Developer
    This is something else which we are looking in to at the moment hopefully will be back up soon
  • CramebameCramebame Posts: 11Player
    any fix on this, I found that I can log in if I click the shoot house but no servers will load, I can still play the shoot house tho.
  • GBGangstaGBGangsta Posts: 63Developer
    As far as I'm aware this is now fixed
  • CramebameCramebame Posts: 11Player
    Ok, sorry I'm getting a different error now, It says Americas army requires steam to be running...... please restart Americas army and start steam. but I'm already running steam I guess I'll try restarting and see if that helps if not, I'll google this problem and see if anyone else has had it. I just started having this since the authentication server was down oddly.
  • CramebameCramebame Posts: 11Player
    Restarting my pc fixed this issue :smile: Lucky me
  • [-PAC-]ICCY2[-PAC-]ICCY2 Posts: 6Player
    i'm having this problem too, (logging in) i asked for a new pswd twoo days ago, and have received no emails yet, can someone please help
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