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    +1 wolv, bit more interest 4 umm i would love to see...
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    For love of God! Let's get some players in game first, then we can worry about flo or bdx. Have you guys seen how many empty servers there are out there? It's freaking 15 inner servers full, few bridge servers and few umm's and the rest about 300 or so are empty.

    Exactly 15 full inner servers and then a 6v6 changes into another 12v12 inner eventually. If the community had the knowledge they would be starting BDX only officials because its already on a 6v6 map so they obviously have the intention of playing a 6v6 map but I doubt most of them starting these servers even know what that means. Right now there is one official on 12v12 current map is watchdog and then you have 3 official servers on 6v6 with players that are not BDX only. What are my options here? Because I cannot start a BDX only official by myself nor with my steam friends because no one will join and want to play against comp players or it will die very fast.
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    I'm confused. Are you telling me out 300+ empty servers you can find few bdx only servers? I'm sure there are few out there, no?
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    I know of one that is usually only active at night and is usually full Gmasters funhouse during the day/evening I don't know any. I rely on an official BDX only server to fill up.
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    We have a dedicated bdx server running all bdx maps and voting option on. UK based so even for NA players shouldn't be too high ping
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    Thank you for the BDX only servers!!

    Currently 3 BDX only official servers with players and 0 FLO official servers with players. Thanks!
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    its like we know what were talking about or something
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