Achievement Run & Gun not awarded

Hi, today i had intentionally tried to get the achievement "Run & Gun" (Hawk eye in the first 30 seconds). First round, 4 minutes round, I managed to kill 4 guys (hawk eye + dead eye) then got myself killed and there was still 3:34 on the clock, but achievement was not awarded.
Come to think of it, I have done this sort think on bridge, where I rush right side and get like 3 or 5 enemies unprepared on catwalk and have them all gun down. So I was surprised i didn't got this achievement before, but then again I was not paying attention to the clock, last time I was, and it didn't work.


  • [XIII]Baragon[XIII]Baragon Posts: 21Player
    Achievements aren't working sometimes. Im sure ive had plenty of other achievements that Im supposed to get as well.
  • ToetieToetie Posts: 3Player
    Yep, I have the same problem for some achievements..
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