After every (without exception) update of the game or UMM update I get a bluescreen for the first two-three game startups. This happens since 3 weeks.

Bluescreen - nvlddmkm.sys

Any ideas?


  • TheTotsTheTots Posts: 2,279Player
    Do you have the most up to date Nvidia drivers?
    The game wasn't made exactly to my specifications, so I feel it's broken.

  • {M.9}-Arko{M.9}-Arko Posts: 207Player
    Yes, updated yesterday the current driver...Version 359.06
  • .dcG-Colts^.dcG-Colts^ Posts: 1,973Player
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    Windows 10 update? What it did was upgrade you windows like you were upgrading from windows 7 to windows 10. So it upgrade windows 10 to windows 10 and reset a bunch of PC settings, like nvidia control panel settings. It also made an windows.old folder in C:// Drive. If you are on windows 10 I bet you this is the cause. We all know how awful upgraded windows versions can be. It's pretty easy to Reformat/Reset on windows 10 I can explain it to you if you are interested.
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  • [XIII]Baragon[XIII]Baragon Posts: 21Player
    CRO- did anything fixed for you?
  • {M.9}-Arko{M.9}-Arko Posts: 207Player
    Yes, I've unsubscribed all UMM, reinstalled the game, subscribed UMM again, removed nvidia driver 359.06 (back to 359.00) and now it's ok...but how long...
  • LashPTLashPT Posts: 12Player
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    Several nvidia graphic card owners are reporting problems in games with win 10 + 359.06.
    Most of them who are getting issues are using laptop or have sli configurations and 4k monitors.
    Use the latest stable driver for you.

    No problem for me with win 10 + 359.06 nvidia drivers. I have a simple old lcd monitor and one GTX 560 TI graphic card
    The game runs smooth with highest graphics.
  • {M.9}-Arko{M.9}-Arko Posts: 207Player
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    After windows 10 reset, it worked fine for a a short after the current update and some workshop updates, again freezes and crashes 5 min after game start, then I have to restart the computer a few times and afterwards it's ok again.....i tried so many things, but i really think now it's AA.
  • {M.9}-Arko{M.9}-Arko Posts: 207Player
    Thank you, will try it...I've just updated the Asus BIOS from v208 to v210. Maybe i have luck.
  • IO_i_OIIO_i_OI Posts: 1,107Player
    After windows 10 reset, it worked fine for a a short after the current update and some workshop updates, again freezes and crashes 5 min after game start, then I have to restart the computer a few times and afterwards it's ok again.....i tried so many things, but i really think now it's AA.

    After a Win update, Windows should create a Restore Point for you. So, I would recommend going back to the last restore point before AA failed until a solution is found. I know it's a pain but at least you can play while researching a fix.
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  • {M.9}-Arko{M.9}-Arko Posts: 207Player
    AA didn't fail with Win 8.1...But I'm not going back to Win 8.1. Today I've subscribed another map, donwloaded, and what fallowed, freez after 5min gameplay, crash, and black screen....OMG
  • {M.9}-Arko{M.9}-Arko Posts: 207Player
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    Any other help ideas??? I've now unsubscribed all workshop UMM because i thought an UMM is maybe the cause, but after a small update of AA (don't know why, 0 bytes update, crazy), the game crashed two times yesterday...why only a steam update, and why only two times after game start. I also get the message, the nvidia driver stopped working and was blocked for aagame.exe, after the crash
  • IO_i_OIIO_i_OI Posts: 1,107Player
    You need to run a monitor program like CPUID, GPU-Z, NV-Z, etc. (all free) to see if your GPU is overheating. I think the failsafe temp on nVidia is 80* C and will shut your graphics down if it gets to that temp. Make sure your graphics card fans are running too. Those programs will give you the RPM on fans also.
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  • ElementisElementis Posts: 134Player
    I believe there is an issue with nvidia drivers and this game. I don't get Blue Screens, but I use to get aagame.exe crashes frequesntly. Luckily I haven't had one in a while.

    But I do have very poor framerates, and I unsubscribed to all User Made Maps, uninstalled, reinstalled, nothing seems to fix the issue. I even tried rolling back video card drivers.

    I know a couple of guys who are running AMD cards, and they say they are getting great fps in game. Strange. Could this topic be related?
  • {M.9}-Arko{M.9}-Arko Posts: 207Player
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    Thanks IO, will try it...

    I don't get the bluescreens anymore, this was the previous nvidia driver causing. Now it's just freezing and crashing, after every update. I've tried every driver, compatible with win10, and with each the same issue....what I tried until now:

    - Steam reinstall
    - AA reinstall
    - Usubscribed all Umm
    - Replaced AVG by Avira
    - Windows 10 reset
    - All possible Nvidia drivers
    - BIOS update
    - DDU Uninstaller
    - Removed nvidia experience
    - FPS locked to 60 fps max.

    Nothing helps...Steam or AA f.... me

    But I'm sure it is just a small thing, crashes only after updates, and always the same way, must be something specific going wrong.
  • [ENG]Uni-Sol[ENG]Uni-Sol Posts: 3,193Player
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    Sometimes it helps after an update to remove your old configs from

    Documents\My Games\America's Army Proving Grounds\AAGame\Config

    Remove the config folder iself for full effect to obtain a full set of clean configs.. oh and be sure to do this with the game closed. when you fire the game back up it will make a new folder with a fresh set, downside is that you will need to re-setup all your settings.

    Probably not a fix for your particular issue, but if all else fails, maybe its something else to try :wink:
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  • {M.9}-Arko{M.9}-Arko Posts: 207Player
    Thank you all for the fresh ideas ;) ...Will try it, much appreciated....I will come back to the thread afterwards and comment.
  • {M.9}-Arko{M.9}-Arko Posts: 207Player
    So guys, now I need you for the analyze. My steps I've done now:

    - Downloaded GPU-Z, installed and opened
    - Steam start
    - Subscribed two UMM from Workshop and downloaded for test
    - Opened AA launcher and started game on a server at 5:39 pm
    - Game screen freeze at 05:41 pm. No reaction on any function, had to restart the laptop with power button.

    Now let's see the facts:

    - GPU Core Clock (MHz): 05:38pm = 135 / 05:39pm = 992.9 / 05:41pm = 231.4
    - GPU Memory Clock (MHz): 05:38pm = 162 / 05:39pm = 1248.7 / 05:41pm = 162
    - GPU Temperature (C°): 05:38pm = 29 / 05:39pm = 50 / 05:41pm = 63
    - GPU Load (%): 05:38pm = 0 / 05:39pm = 75 / 05:41pm = 95
    - Memory Controller Load (%): 05:38pm = 0 / 05:39pm = 50 / 05:41pm = 46
    - Video Engine Load (%): 05:38pm = 0 / 05:39pm = 0 / 05:41pm = 0
    - Bus Interface Load (%): 05:38pm = 0 / 05:39pm = 12 / 05:41pm = 21
    - Memory Usage (Dedicated) (MB): 05:38pm = 2 / 05:39pm = 251 / 05:41pm = 884-913
    - Memory Usage (Dynamic) (MB): 05:38pm = 0 / 05:39pm = 31 / 05:41pm = 37
    - PerfCap Reason: 05:38pm = 16 / 05:39pm = 16 / 05:41pm = 16
    - VDDC (V): 05:38pm = 0.8060 / 05:39pm = 1.0060 / 05:41pm = 1.0060

    Thank you in advance!
  • IO_i_OIIO_i_OI Posts: 1,107Player
    63*C at 95% load on the GPU is very good so I don't see a temp problem. Unless you get some sort of quick peak to 80 that can't be recorded??????
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  • {M.9}-Arko{M.9}-Arko Posts: 207Player
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    I've set the recording to 1 sec. steps...and there is no quick peak on the recorded, 63 is the max. value.
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