Voting at the end

I got the following maps in the votelist

And only the following map is in the rotation

The following is set:
;When true players may vote for the next map at the end of a match

This bDefaultAllowAARMapVoting only works when the maps are also in the rotation list?
I want the server to be on inner for rotation, but people can call a vote at the end of the round.


  • K!Dz.applePIEK!Dz.applePIE Posts: 1,050Player
    yes you only see the maps in rotation in that vote.
    1- last map played
    2- next map in rotation
    3- prior map in rotation

    Other maps can only be voted by in game vote section.
  • SumTingWong?SumTingWong? Posts: 79Player
    Thanks Apple..
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