Gameplay - Floating and Roof Penetrating Characters

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I have been having an issue with something in my map causing the characters to "float" above the ground and penetrate through roofs. I have tried several builds, deleted and re-create roofs, deleted near-by actors, and nothing helps.

Any clue what might be going on and how to correct it? Thanks.


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    If I am correct, the characters floating above the ground is usually a mismatch between the visible and collision layers of a terrain which you have shaped. I don't know why it happens but it annoys the bejezus out of me when it does. When it has happened to me in the past, I have normally punched a few things, quit the editor for a while and started the map again using methods other than terrain modelling, because I don't know how to fix it. Someone here like Wolvy might know more about terrain collision.

    As for roof penetration, that is likely to be that the building mesh collision is not the same shape as the mesh itself. Best way to fix that is to add a blocking volume that more closely matches the slope of the roof.
  • I punched, kicked, and screamed a lot, then realized it was time to ask for help!

    I don’t know much about terrain modeling. I started the map with the simple Mission Editor and used the Landscape Mode in the Advanced Editor to create the hills and valleys. I’ll try a few things with the landscape. Copy it, delete it, paste it back in. Maybe it will fix itself that way. Maybe export it then import it.

    For the roof I thought about doing the blocking volumes too. I’ll go ahead and do that and see how it works. Maybe change the roof to a different mesh.

    Thanks for the ideas.
  • Turns out some bad actors and/or AALadderVolumes were interfering with the roof and landscape. I removed them and things are much better.
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    Many static meshes come with pre-built generic collision that's good enough for being part of the scenery, but NOT good enough if you need the collision to follow the actual physical object. You end up walking on the collision model instead of the apparent surface. This can be fixed by my pal Wolverine.......LOL.....

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