UMM Initial Camera Location

Is there a way to set the initial camera location and view direction when a map first loads up during gameplay? i.e. what you are looking at when you first select a team. Thanks.


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    I think it goes from the pylon in your level if you don't specify a place.. In the actor tab of the content browser look for the AACamera and place one in your level, pointing in the direction of your choosing.. that should then become what people see at times you mentioned.

    If you add more than one they are also what people cycle through when in Action cam view mode when spectating :mrgreen:
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    I actually use the AASecurityCamera actor when placing cameras throughout the map. A few tips for the AASecurityCamera actors:

    - Turn on 'Lock Selected Actor to Camera' (Eyeball on toolbar above viewport) and click on the AASecurityCamera actor to make it easier to place. What you see is what the camera sees! Be REALLY careful while in the mode though, you could find yourself moving around walls, terrain, etc.

    - In the objective properties these is a 'Hidden Game' checkbox you can check if you don't want the camera mesh showing up in the level. You would probably want to uncheck the 'Cast Shadows' box as well.

    - Under the Object rollout in the object properties the is a 'Tag' field. Having a camera tagged as 'InitialCam' guarantees that is the camera players will see when they join the game. The 'AttackCam' and 'DefenseCam' tags are the cameras players see when they that particular team.
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    It based on numerics. So it would start with aacamera_0 , aacamera_1 etc. It always goes by numbers. So if you have 10 cameras and you delete camera 1 to 4, 5th one will be your first camera in your cycle. If you don't have any cameras in your map, it defaults to the pylon actor.
  • Excellent! Thanks for the knowledge. :)
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