Bug still on Weapons Challenge

Hello guys.
Before the last update 19/11, my weapon challenge did not appear on f1 menu, I'm doing Elite Challenge for the third time, I'm trying to unlock OCP skin of m4A1 (I already got the Chainlink and Frost). With the new update, this bug was fixed and my kills, deadyead and golden hawkeye appears on screen, but my numbers of kills stucks on 885, I'm sure I got more than 900 kills, everytime I start a new match it backs at 885... It's happening only to me? Anyone else? I'm afraid it's stuck on 885 and maybe I'm wasting time using m4a1.
TY guys.


  • DeltaKiloDeltaKilo Posts: 146Developer
    are your M4 kills going up on your profile on the website each match you play?
  • PhilBaxPhilBax Posts: 43Developer
    Are you playing on one particular server? If so, try playing on another server (preferably an official one, so we can see what's going on), and see if it still occurs. If it's restricted to one server, please PM me the IP address.
  • .dcG-Colts^.dcG-Colts^ Posts: 1,973Player
    I am still having to switch weapons to get my skin to show. Other than that all my challenges are showing up correctly.
    Pie charts + Graphs= Very Bad.

  • -Merc.Chr!$-Merc.Chr!$ Posts: 6Player
    This bug is working on me. Weapon challenge doesn't work.
  • MD_420GMD_420G Posts: 1Player
    I am having the same trouble , my f1 screen is showing blank and anything I have already unlocked I cannot use
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