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-zeRo.-zeRo. Posts: 7Player
How do i do two accounts? I have created both of them buy when i try to switch in steam they say that the account is for another steam account. I tried to create a new steam account just for that and it didn't work.

Any ideas?


  • -=}WoLvErInE{=--=}WoLvErInE{=- Posts: 1,169Player
    Don't create 2 different steam accounts.., just create different soldier for aapg using the same steam account. So sign up thru aapg.
  • -zeRo.-zeRo. Posts: 7Player
    can you be more specific please?
  • DeltaKiloDeltaKilo Posts: 146Developer
    your game account is linked to your steam account. You can unlink them in your profile on the americasarmy.com website, which is what you would have to do each time you want to switch accounts. Just out of curiosity, why do you want two accounts?
  • -zeRo.-zeRo. Posts: 7Player
    I've always had a normal account and a noob account since aa2. the noob account is just more of a relax goof off account.
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