Replace material quickly

I think the answer will be no, but thought I would ask anyway.

Say I have a map with lots of trees in it. When I added the trees, they all had a material for the bark and a material for the leaves.
I now want to replace the bark material with an instance that includes a physical material.

Is there a quick way to select all meshes with the old material and replace the material with the new instance?

I know I can select all meshes with that material, and then right click to select "Assign from generic browser (All Components of Actors)", but this will replace the leaf material as well.

Considering I have like 100 trees in the map, it would be easier if there is a shortcut, as doing it one by one I will probably miss one.


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    It all depends how the mesh material channels are set up. Most trees have 2 channels for material. So you can add different material to specific channel.
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    I got that, it is more of whether there was some batch function in UDK to, for example, replace all uses of material A in channel 1 with material instance B, without affecting channel 2.

    I just did it the long way, but with a kind of workaround. I just went through it one-by-one, and to check if I missed a tree, I could right click the instance in the browser and "Select level actors using this object". This highlighted the trees with the new instance, so any not highlighted needed to be changed.
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    You don't have to do that. You can just right click the mesh and " select all matching meshes" then hit f4 to bring up the properties. Under the render tab add your material to override the original material for that channel for all the trees selected.
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