Server Config resets back to default

Ok so every time i start my server through the launcher it keeps resetting my AAGame.ini back to default, been trying to find something on the site and even google but nothing, has anyone had this problem or solved it


  • vapor.ivapor.i Posts: 272Player
    Stupid question but are you clicking "save" before you close the launcher?
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  • (TMF)Cocoson(TMF)Cocoson Posts: 4Player
    yes i am
  • The launcher I've noticed overwrites any config values that are not specified in the gui part of it (and maybe some that are). It also seems to do this when you start using a command line as well. We got around this on our server by setting the config to read only and then starting the server as another user.
  • (TMF)Cocoson(TMF)Cocoson Posts: 4Player
    i will have to give that a try in a couple days when i have time to edit everthing
  • n1]LeXy^n1]LeXy^ Posts: 16Player
    the changes you make in '\Config\AAHostAServerConfig1\AAGame.ini' are getting overwritten by the values of '\Config\AAHostAServerConfig1\DefaultGame.ini' - so make your changes in this file.

    then rename or delete the 'DefaultGame.ini' file in the folder '\Config' - also these values are inherited down.
  • (TMF)Cocoson(TMF)Cocoson Posts: 4Player
    i love you n1]LeXy^
    that did the trick
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