Weapons achievements

So today some of the "kills" and other achievements for my M4 iron sights unlock are not recording. I have the iron sights set, and during the game it'll record kills, I'm at 127 now and it'll count up during the game. After the game switches to a new map the tally is set back to 127. How do you fix this so I can unlock further skins/scopes etc


  • truonetruone Posts: 31Player
    Same problem here with the shotgun and M4 iron sights. Shotgun kills stuck at 99. M4 iron sights didn't count like 17 kills in one match. Started to work again in the next one
  • Dedmon5811Dedmon5811 Posts: 5Player
    I finished the Elite M4 challenge and now none of my weapons kills are counting on any weapon. I have heard it is a bug but some update would be nice!
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