M14ebr- Rifle Elite Challenge Freeze At The End

Sham699Sham699 Posts: 6Player
Hi, i came here to report a challenge buged.
I have reach the end of the M14EBR-RI Elite challenge, but it didn't unlocked to me the Urban Digital Skins.
Weird things, i can do the M14EBR-RI shoot house with the urban digital skins.


  • Sham699Sham699 Posts: 6Player

  • {SHU}Maxinquaye{SHU}Maxinquaye Posts: 3Player
    edited November 2015
    Hello, i have the same problem with the m249 challenge.

  • Sham699Sham699 Posts: 6Player
    edited November 2015
    Hello, i have still the same buged, and have now 2 other weapons challenge buged...

    i have reach the first Elite challenge on the m16a4 and didnt have the next challenge.
    and the second is on m1911 pistol, i do hawkeyes but it didnt count on challenge.

    Anyone can give us an answer please? thats really boring to see some update on workshop but no update for weapons challenge...
    I understand, its hard to fix it. but an answer is free.
  • DeltaKiloDeltaKilo Posts: 146Developer
    we are aware of some issues with challenges and are looking into them. Thanks for your report and the screenshots are helpful.
  • Sham699Sham699 Posts: 6Player
    edited November 2015
    Hi Deltakilo. Thx to you for taking time to answer me.
    i see on my Steam profile the M14ebr Elite "COIN" is unlock in the list of Achievement.
    I will make a Screenshot and post it here later.

  • Sham699Sham699 Posts: 6Player
  • Hello, i dont know why, but its unlocked now :smile:
  • Sham699Sham699 Posts: 6Player
    edited November 2015
    Thx and Well done! unlocked to me too :) "BUT" i have still wrong weapon information challenge bug.

    When i take m16a4 and m14ebr, i allways see challenge stat of other weapons :S like M4a1 and others...
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