Hardcore Sever Config

Ive been Diggin around and cant find Config for Hardcore mode at all trying to configure my server as hardcore and do not know what to change to make it that way


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    It's under "AAGameReplicationInfo" or line 185 of the config:

    ;When true hard core mode is enabled
    ;Hard core = Reduced HUD and no revives

    Change to:
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  • Doing that just labeled it as Hardcore but didn't change any of the hud or health settings
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    Doing that just labeled it as Hardcore but didn't change any of the hud or health settings

    Yep, those stay the same. Here's a recent Dev post on the mode:
    The in-game comp mode (labeled as hardcore in the ini's) is very straightforward:

    1) no revives
    2) friendly fire deals full damage
    3) no ROE is enforced

    Otherwise settings are the same as "regular" mode.
  • why cant we adjust health I would think "Hardcore mode" would have less hit points
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    In the past, guns dealt double damage in hardcore mode. The short answer (and this is my opinion, I don't recall an official Dev statement on why) is this really screws with weapon balance. The shotgun can be extraordinarily powerful. The M24 becomes a pale shadow of the M14. And so on.

    A major consideration is that the stated purpose of the mode shifted. During early beta, hardcore mode was more of a high stakes, high damage, minimal HUD experience. But... very very few people played it. The Devs have real numbers, but probably 1% of matches or fewer ever used the mode. Later on, they repurposed it to offer competition support, hoping to get more mileage out of a feature that wasn't getting much use. That meant settings more in line with the tournaments that were run during the beta. That's why Dev Caterpillar refers to it as comp mode in that quote; they apparently just didn't want to change the variable name in the code to reflect the mode's evolving goals.

    I'm sure the story gets even hairier inside the studio, but that's roughly how the mode got to where it is now.
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    Want true hardcore? remove bandage from your controls :)
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  • I just want the ability to Configure my server the way i want it and maintain some realism

    the amount of body hits it takes to kill someone in this game is ridiculous. Everyone tells me well just aim for the head thats a one shot, but thats not the point. I want more realism and immersion and not to just play the cookie cutter mode and deal with it. there Has to be some kind of compromise between weapon damage and hit point of players. Is a 10%-20% hit point reduction for HC to much to ask for it would reduce to amount of hits required and may make weapons like 870 and M14 a bit more overpowered but it would be worth it in my opinion. and really those weapons are under powered in my opinion the way it is.
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