trees in the ME

Hello all thanks again for the soooooo much help you guys give me i really do appreciate it . The whitepine tress i use have a transparent trunk and im not to sure how to fix this as only materials work on the trees , how do i get solid wood ? :smiley:


  • -Flops--Flops- Posts: 354Player
    and part 2 , is making something so you can not walk through it as simple as adding or taking away collision ? . for example a a/c unit or truck and i can just stroll right through them . thanks
  • StackEmUp!StackEmUp! Posts: 145Player
    Couldn't find a pine tree, with a transparent trunk, within the editor. All the ones in the "Foliage_WhitePine" package, seem to be complete, and might make a good replacement for the one your using.

    For meshes that have no collision, the simplest thing to do is make an AABlocking volume, around the object. Unless it's a custom set of stairs or something, then I tend to create the collision in a 3D program, like 3DS Max....e.t.c.
  • -Flops--Flops- Posts: 354Player
    ok cool thanks , my trees have the foliage vines around the trunk but no actual wood you can see straight through it
  • StackEmUp!StackEmUp! Posts: 145Player
    Aha! I found The tree you're using is two separate piece is the trunk, and the other is the leaves, and small branches. It's in the "FoliageNew" package.
  • -Flops--Flops- Posts: 354Player
    ahh ok , thank you very much , it was annoying me lol
  • RedBaron64(ITA)RedBaron64(ITA) Posts: 173Player
    Am i wrong or now tree's tunk don't stop bullets? Or did it work always in this manner and i don't remember well? :s
  • -=}WoLvErInE{=--=}WoLvErInE{=- Posts: 1,163Beta Tester
    I'll have to check their collision. It's possible the material is missing its physical material.
  • -Flops--Flops- Posts: 354Player
    all my tree trunks stop bullets by default or so they have so far as well as the leaves , i had to remove collisions on the leaves cause to me thats just silly lol
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