New maps vs Old maps

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OK, so the editor has been updated so people can start publishing their maps again, and the Steam Workshop integration has changed.

So how do we differentiate in the Steam Workshop between an old map that won't work and a new one that will (when subscribing to then put on a server)?

If I am publishing an updated version of one of my maps, will it overwrite the old version, or will it be given a new name and we end up with duplicates that no one can tell the difference when subscribing?

Edit - OK so I just updated and published one of my maps (Parking Garage) and it has overwritten the old version :) but when I subscribed, Steam then downloaded the map file, the metadata file, and a .bin file (long number_legacy.bin which is nearly but not quite as big as the map file).
Does anyone know what the .bin file is for and whether this needs to be uploaded to the server as well?


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    IDK why the Devs didn't just clean out the workshop and have people start from scratch. Would have made things easier. They can still do so by deleting any map whose last publish date is prior to October 20.
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