[MAP]: Cargoship

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Hi all,

Now that the UMM process has been updated I've finally released my map "Cargoship" out to the public to try.

I've been building this map little by little for many months. It's based on the ship that can been seen in the water from the Harbor Assault map.

The idea is that the ship is transporting military equipment that, pending on which side your on, you must either protect or destroy. Its a C4 objective map.

At this stage I've gone away from the traditional 3 routes only style and instead have created multiple routes to the objectives. From the deck of the ship you have 4 paths leading from the stern to the bow but can criss-cross between these at various points along their length. 1 level up you then have the catwalks giving 2 more paths which again can be criss-crossed. Finally you have the upper level on top of the cargo containers. Originally I had a sniper available on both teams but I found that the top of the containers became a no-go area as the sniper could totally rule the roost up top.
It might be too much of a maze with so many possible routes so I was thinking of making "Cargoship Part II" as an after the C4 explosion version with the cargo containers having shifted to close of some paths and limit to routes a little.

There are two helicopters in there for fun. One has just dropped of the attack team and will fly away as soon as the round starts. The other chopper also belongs to the attack side and does a fly-over at the beginning sending down some cover fire into any of the defending team that is still in the open at the back of the ship. I've set the chopper to fly over at random times for up to something like 30 secs from the start and it you are caught out, it WILL shoot you and take some life away.

Anyway, I'd appreciate some feedback if you do try it out.

The map is running on the M*A*S*H server at the moment with a few other really good UMMs
.....and please be patient when loading as they do take some time to build the shaders.

Thanks all,




  • ChickenChicken Posts: 15Beta Tester
  • ryZen^ryZen^ Posts: 84Player
    Looks promising, can't wait to try!
  • [ENG]Uni-Sol[ENG]Uni-Sol Posts: 3,193Player
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    I played it for about half a match last night and it was great fun, loved it! its seems to have a bit of everything, multilevel, long range, and choppers! a few niggles I had were that the ocean looks a bit funky and the ship itself could do with a variance in the material you have used on it and the choppers are LOUD.. but then, choppers are loud :mrgreen:

    One thing I did wonder while playing though, I never had the bottle to try jumping over the edge.. I'm guessing one of two things happen, you either get blocked and cant or we fall to our doom, I'm going to assume you went for the latter? :lol:
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  • =[101st]=Wolverine=[101st]=Wolverine Posts: 1,169Beta Tester
    Nice work! Very good map.
  • -SD-Maclobster-SD-Maclobster Posts: 219Beta Tester
    Like the map , good fighting map :smile:
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