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    I have this same problem and was about to make a post regarding the issue. I submitted a request to run a authenticated server Wednesday and have yet to hear back.
  • After purchase of a dedicated sever how long does it take to get authorized by AA ?
  • I got registered in 15 min some times now I'm more than 1 week.
  • I hope this registration isn't the reason my server isn't playable, and if it is I hope the registration wont take a week. I don't like paying for a service and getting much less than i paid for.

    Can you guys light a fire under the registration people and get them to hurry up?
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    you can send an E-mail to activate the server to AACM. You also need to note to change the server auth and name to what you filled in on the website and your gameserver should be ready in 5mins.
  • You have an email address for me or am I supposed to just know it?
  • Best I could do was redo the registration via the website. Hope someone sees it.
  • Guys someone get server registered the server? I'm waiting almost 2 weeks.
    If your server was registered please let me know.
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    aacm@americasarmy.com this is the e-mail sorry. Didn't think clearly about it :D
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    how do I verify my email if I haven't gotten a email to verify?????
  • how can I register my ip any link ?? my server not show on list....
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    AAPG Server IPs no longer need to be registered.

    The current version has no requirement for usernames and passwords in the command line so just configure the IP details in the Server Manager.
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