Why are the enemy weapons Russian?



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    Thanks, So it seems they were not affiliated to any persons in the real world and were also fictional.

    I don't know much about where AA started, I can't seem to find a storyline to the game unless it never had one? In any case.. I wonder why they do not proudly display the awards and plaudits the game has received over the years and use that pride to push a big emphasis on new people trying today's AA.

    Never had a story. The came came out in 2002. This was not long after the start of the war in Afghanistan (and soon to be Iraq). It was designed to be a PR tool and help with recruitment. Besides online, the game was distributed at Army recruiting stations and such. Based on the conflicts at the time, the enemy had more of a middle eastern terrorist influence. As such, it was all people needed. I remember even reading somewhere that AA 2.0 was to be based around Special Forces because the Army had a need to increase the amount of people in SF units, so they wanted people to become educated and hopefully join up.

    AA3 came out in 2009. By that point the country had tired (turned against) the wars in the Middle East, Obama was president and our country had become more PC if anything (I'd say it's even worse now). As such, it probably made more sense for the Army to decide to change the direction of the game to a more fictional conventional army.
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    I know the AA3/AAPG story well, Infact I did some research a long time ago and a UMM of mine borrowed a place name after one of the locations in fictional Czervenia.. for extra authenticity of course :)


    Thanks for the answers Whip :wink:
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    Mor Zo Grakozhia still resembles the Adriatic Sea.
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  • The reason the AK style weapon is associated with Russia is because that design was made by Mikhail Kalashnikov (a Russian General) and and that look is very unique. Only to a trained/seasoned person (and not general population) would one know the difference between the gun being Russian or another nations derivative.
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    Because calling them "Czervanians" instead of "Russians" makes it politically correct. :D

    Pretty much it. Same reason why DC comics had to make up a whole bunch of fake Islamic countries to avoid offending anymore.

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    I am guessing the Czervanian weapons are just skins for the actual weapons (M4/16...) that the enemy team is using
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    It's a bit more complicated than that. The M4 displays with an AK105 skin when viewed by an enemy and vice versa. When an enemy picks up your M4, the game gives them a distinct AK105 object that has different properties. It's no longer just a skin difference at that point.
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