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I was surprised that you can not choose a grenade loadout in the main menu based on weapon classes along with the camo of your rifle. Since I do not use any grenades and primarily only fogs I am forced to switch at the start of every game.
Picturing the two grenade slots under the weapon camo option which you can scroll through and those will then be used by default in the game, like the camo.
This is not a big issue but wonder if you are planning to add this in the future.


  • It would be nice to be able to set your own default I guess... however I don't see it changing all that much as I find myself most often adapting my grenades based on map and what side I'm on, worst case I really only ever spend one round with a different load out than I'd prefer if I don't click fast enough.
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    Yes, it is aggravating. I use loadouts the same base on map and whether on Offense or Defense. About the same way with weapons.

    I see a few players who do the 4 fog loadout and use them effectively to retreat from positions and to lure enemies into it then get an easy kill as they appear from the white smoke.
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  • Perhaps give players 2-3 loadouts to choose from. For example, in Blacklight Retribution, you have the option of loading two different kits. I use one set with an SMG and one "special item selection." On the second loadout, I use a long gun. This way I only need to click on the loadout set instead of changing it each and every time.

    Some people have one "profile" that they use in the majority of the maps and games they play. They may occasionally use a sniper rifle/SAW/DMR so that would be the second class selection.
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    I asked a couple devs during opt in about it remembering your loadout choices and they said that loadouts would be able to be saved in the future..
    having to change primary gun, sight, pistol, +possibly 2 grenade slots at the start of every game, and for every time you change roles is =(

    Edit: the current loadout selection is totally fine. It just needs to remember what your choices are so you aren't always rechoosing.
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    Gonna add to my last post, two possible ways to allow saving.
    Simply remember last choices for a loadout when going back to that loadout, either from another loadout or in a new match (since changing between loadouts can change your gun or your sight when you come back and whatnot).
    Add two buttons to the loadout screen
    Save - Saves currently chosen loadout so that when you switch back to that loadout, either from another loadout or in a new match it brings up that save, and you can then still switch to other stuff without changing the save for the current map.
    Default - Reset back to the default choices for a loadout.

    also if one of these or something similar is implemented it should also be applied to server browser for server search settings.
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    I've noticed that when you pick your loadout at the beginning of the match that your selection stays the same when teams swap sides but on that next round you have to re-select a loadout.. this is weird since we used to change loadouts when you first swapped.. Offense to Defense and vice-versa.
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