Bad new things - Beta was better!!

(I have about 700 hours in this game.)

Things that absolutely must be changed

Shoot from the hip is more accurate than to aim with the visor. It's so illogical. Ruined the whole game. Now you can spray and hitting well.

That is the most important thing that you need to change!

The sound of the gun is so caves bad, paste the old sound, please.

Weapon behavior is generally not so good. The middle ground between Beta and now with damage and weapon behavior would be better.

The location sound should be like in the beta and not like this!

Continuously adapt the weapon behavior and not a completely different game out of it.


Dinge die unbedingt geändert werden müssen

Aus der Hüfte schießen ist genauer, als mit dem Visier zu zielen. Das ist so unlogisch. Versaut das ganze Game. Jetzt kann man sprayen und man trifft gut.
Dass ist das Wichtigste, das man ändern muss!!!!!!!!

Der Ton von der Waffe ist so grotten schlecht, bitte wieder den alten Ton einfügen.

Waffenverhalten ist allgemein nicht so gut. Der Mittelweg zwischen Beta und jetzt mit Schaden und Waffenverhalten wäre besser.

Der Ortungssound sollte wie in der Beta sein und nicht so wie jetzt!

Das Waffenverhalten kontinuierlich anpassen und nicht ein ganz anderes Game draus machen.


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    You joined the world's greatest army to become a graphic artist? Outstanding!
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    Go into an empty server spray the wall from a distance both hipfire and ADS and come back with a proper statement.

    I think the gun sounds are better than beta

    Gun handling is pretty much on par, it's so close it's really pointless to complain
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    As far as i know the accuracy cone is the same as it was in the beta. Also as far as i know the gun mechanics are the same, and damage is the same. the only thing different is the sound and its just that, different. no worse.
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    Not gonna risk getting actually banned. Nice bait though..
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    BIlughbe' !!
    AAPG is good!
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    Refering to the Changelog from the last Opt-In.:

    - decreasing fire speed
    - increase scattering
    - increase Recoil
    - decreasing Damage

    And thats only for the M4, so shooting is NOT the same as it was in the Beta.
    They took the changes from the last opt-in to the final release.

    The whole sound is almost [mod edit].
    Almost nothing is matching together.
    Breathing is to loud, walking in stealth mode is to loud (hearing yourself - there is almost no difference to normal walking)
    Youre are now not able to locate the enemies like it was in the Beta.
    Crashing windows sounds like its next to me while its actually far away.
    Gun fire of enemies sounds like its far away while there are amlost next to me.
    And there are mouch more things which are not ok with the sound

    You are proud of your new Soundengine? Realy? You better not!

    Its alomost a new game. The only thing which was not touched are the Maps

    I wont blame the Dev's, I know developing a game is not easy.
    Guys you have done a great job but please revert these things.

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    Try to reset all yr eq settings in yr sound card; sorry but the actual soundengine is much better than old one; probably is not perfect but surely is working good....and the gameplay is changed only a bit.....nothing of horrible. Men, is too late for these types of had to try the Opt-in when it was live......
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    Refering to the Changelog from the last Opt-In.:

    - decreasing fire speed
    - increase scattering
    - increase Recoil
    - decreasing Damage

    And thats only for the M4, so shooting is NOT the same as it was in the Beta.
    They took the changes from the last opt-in to the final release.
    Huh? From open beta to release, fire speed's the same, accuracy cone's the same, recoil's the same, damage is the same.

    The M4's been largely untouched since, probably, a year ago (when RFI-4 rolled out).

    Here are the release notes from the last opt-in:
    There's nothing there about any of the changes you mention.

    Here's the full readout of M4 parameters at release. They're identical to what they were during the open beta a week ago.
  • I feel that the recoil is good. Frankly I would still like to see a little more (by 1 px) but least of the issues. I still feel I can aim and hit much too easily now (and I'm not a good player). The gun sounds are MUCH better. There is increased "power" behind the weapon audio. The "pop" of the classic M16 has been replaced by the flatter "bark" of the M4. I would still like to hear more of a bass and to take the top off by 1/8th.

    The environment could do with less echoing/reverb. Like I say in a lot of my threads regarding sound, I have to tweak my audio (via Windows) to "dampen" the echo/reverb and make the sound more "realistic." For example, water drops (not splash) do not echo 2 stories unless these drops are golf-ball sizes. If they lowered the reverb to 3/4 of what it is now, I think the environment sound would be much better. It feels as though they took the frequency/eq of the entire range instead of isolating the various sounds to match it as best as they could. Instead of adjusting the levels of each sound then mixing them into a "master" track.
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    only difference I feel is slower M4 gun rate.. or slower gun sound either or.
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    Look past the fact that its not like the previous 700 hours you've played. I feel the game has improved, Yes there have been some changes to the spread and such, its a matter of getting used to it. Play more, It'll grow on you, as it has with the majority of us.
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    Agree with "Beta was better", in fact this almost was a totally waste of time by devs and sorry but its true. You could take the beta engine and make it better and when i say better i mean:

    Good things with this final release:
    - Weapon chalenges;
    - Enemy weapons;
    - Costumized soldier;
    Bad things
    - Playability decreased (it's much harder, not that smoother than beta);
    - Graphics (Laggy and dark, my eyes almost shut to see anything);
    - Sound (not even going to comment this one, BETTER than beta??? Get real, it's almost like a scratch old vinil);
    - Ping in stats removed (yeah because ping kills and don't come with the story of bad player)
    - Kick vote removed;
    - Chat is buggy (can't finnish a sentence, the game post it automaticly);
    - Servers are buggy (can't connect at some time of the day or night);
    - Some guns lost their modjo (like m16 one of my favorites, can't kill no one with it, looks like im firing rubber bullets);

    But more and more i'm going to found out along the playing.
    I know the excuse AA Devs are going to say is "Can't please everyone" and i understand but it's my opinion and for the future i hope i'll be wrong, but the game has to much buggs for a final release, even more than beta.
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    Let me edit your list to make it more realistic.

    Good things:
    -weapon challanges
    -enemy weapons
    -costumized soldier
    -playability increased (no more 1 second freezes, smoother in general)
    -sound (way more directional, specific sounds like gun fire are debatable, I actually like them)
    -kick vote removed (finally can play in peace without random idiots votekicking, new players get a chance to play)

    Bad things:
    -graphics (can't really see that far anymore, effectively buffing sniper rifles that are still really strong. More of a gamebalance issue imo than disliking them completely)
    -ping in stats removed
    -several bugs (actually less than in open beta so this isn't really a minus)

    Other things:
    -chat will be fixed and isn't that huge of a deal, you know how to avoid the issue
    -never experienced buggy servers, must be a specific issue
    -m16 rubber bullets is due to your own failure, nothing is changed about it apart from how burst mode works

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    on the bad list i would put :
    -servers crashing after every map specially official servers
    -achievements proc randomly without even completing them
    -unlocked weapon skins don't show in game without changing scopes in the start of every match
    -maps and the game in general became more darker ,so visually you need to mess around with video card and monitor settings to see better (at least for me)
    -watchdog taking 2 out of 3 objectives for win makes it pointless to run that objective version in my opinion

    on the good list :
    everything else said before in previous posts +
    -6v6 maps played in 12v12 format
    -extra opened up alley on downtown changed the map strategies completly
    -weapon challanges forces players to experience and play more (less desired) scopes
    -shoot houses getting used
  • BrunuzBrunuz Posts: 14Player
    Well playability maybe increased to good computers, because of graphic stability, if you have a medium low computer it sucks (in that beta was better, less consuption with better graphics).

    Kick vote is important although i understand your point, some guys are there not to play just to kick others, but it stops from others to Abuse Voip with music and lame talking and ROE although that one is being fixed.

    As buggy servers i notice that some have that problem, others don't, I can't connect to the game at US Est Time prime time between 8pm and midnight. I notice that when i came here to the forum, its very slow.

    M16 is diferent yes, i only played with it, now i can't kill has i could and i notice to that m4 needs much more bullets to kill than beta, maybe graphics are lagging the client side.
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    Yeah.... We've been here before. Recoil has changed specially when you're hurt. M16 is tough, I can't use it anymore or maybe I am just rusty. Sounds are poop and everyone does agree with that. Other than that it seems pretty good otherwise.
    Bhop is a string of jumps with no interruptions.
  • Contradicting to what others have said, I find the M16 much more enjoyable to use now, and a lot of people I have played with concur. Those 1 shot HS that I've been getting lately are sweeet! :D
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    You got 800 kills on it on open beta..
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    =IK=Doba= wrote: »
    only difference I feel is slower M4 gun rate.. or slower gun sound either or.

    I noticed that too but I think it is the gun sounds because OPFOR using the M4 "sounds" much faster. So the enemy thinks I am putting much more lead into him but it doesn't feel (sound) that way to me.
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