Old stats missing M24 and odd accuracy's?

Just curious and its more on the lines of bragging rights, but my old stats don't show for the m24 [ i was most proud of these stats : ( ] lol

Also I noticed that the shotgun is showing 110% accuracy in my stats.... not sure how this is even possible LOL.

Anyway I'm sure with release just coming out this is way back burner issue, but thought I'd throw that out there anyway. Is anyone else seeing this on their stats?



  • Snipedawg.iBgSnipedawg.iBg Posts: 7Player
    edited October 2015
    Stats were reset on release. It was announced months ago that this reset would take place. If you're talking about the old Open stats, there is a drop down on the page to switch to Beta stats.
  • yes I was talking about the old open stats, and when i switch to beta some of the weapon stats are messed. not a big deal just curious
  • HilabusterHilabuster Posts: 41Player
    Thanks Triggered,

    we will push out and update that should fix those issues this evening.

    Also, since you like to have bragging rights you can still get to your old stats directly at: http://legacy.americasarmy.com/soldier/[OGG]TriggerdSilence
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