Weapons Challenge bugged

underwareunderware Posts: 23Player
Working on M4 Expert and kill counts are not updating. Anyone else having issues?


  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 656Moderator
    I was working on it last night, no problems, though I'm not at expert.
  • underwareunderware Posts: 23Player
    Yea it worked all the way till I hit expert. Now no kill counts but Hawkeyes and deadeye is already completed
  • underwareunderware Posts: 23Player
    Still not counting.
  • cbl.BugsyBearcbl.BugsyBear Posts: 3Player
    Ya I am having a similar problem, where my weapon challenge resets to level one and I lose the scope I had already gotten. When I relog it set it back to where it is supposed to be, but I just wanted to stat the bug here.
  • =(TGF)=[-Rush-]=(TGF)=[-Rush-] Posts: 19Player
    edited October 2015
    I had this aswell only mine are all resetting to 0/15 again.
    Relogged and reinstalled the game to see if it helped...
    0/15 on all again but had all except hand guns on 0/35 and the M4/M16 higher up.
    all 0/15 and they keep resetting even after relog. after mapswap/server change doesn't matter they keep resetting

    Update: It's now stuck on "bronze or better for challenge" and thats all .
  • Moridin63Moridin63 Posts: 70Player
    Once you get to "requires bronze or better in shoot house" you need to go and redo the shoothouse and get bronze again, even if you already have gold in all of them.
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