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Really digging the new website guys! Very well designed! I really like the new format, color scheme, and the achievements layout!
This looks really promising, along with now being on route to capture and grow a more active global player base..

We need to help hype up this release. I've encouraged several friends to start playing this game again in the last 2-3 weeks even though i haven't been able to play much myself.

We need to be the player base that helps this community grow, learn, and turn into the back bone, the developers and support team can only do so much, as it's the player base its self that is the representation, and face of the game to new players we are a big part of influencing their first AAPG gaming experiences, and part of the deciding factor in whether they continue playing the game.

Please go out of your way to help new players!, and to help promote this game! we need word of mouth as well as any measures the development team is putting forth to get the word out about this game..
Things are definitely in the right direction game wise, a growing player base will really give things a fresh feel, and bring in more diversity in skill levels as well as create more teams for the comp junkies.

Please be helpful and be an ambassador to new players, opposed to putting them down and dragging on them, we need to grow and retain players! And to everyone new and old to the game, be patient, as the game grows and improves, and please help the process! Thanks

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You see the particular pixels at the edge and they dance very fast like John Travolta


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