Not auth after ip registration

Hello Guys
My server is runing but cant auth.
runing it from this command lline:

AAGame.exe server FLO_Bridge_EX /GLOBAL /AuthServerUserName=++++++ /AuthServerPassword=+++++ /AuthServerIP= /STEAMSERVERIP= MULTIHOME= /NOPAUSE /NOHOMEDIR /CONFIGSUBDIR=AAHostAServerConfig0 /SGSP=7778 /INST=1

The server is runing on a DMZ ip.
Even when I run through the server wizzard I got the same error.

Mass did not have valid server mode for non-lan server...
Already registered the server and got 2 confirmation email.


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    Sometimes if you let the server run for a few minutes it will clear up (if you are confident your network settings are correct).
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