What are your keyboard control keys?

I use the default :smiley:
Does anyone still use the arrows(not wsad) to move?
Is not left Ctrl an awkward key to spot?
Well what do you guys use?


  • =IK=Doba==IK=Doba= Posts: 2,789Player
    Pretty much as standard as it comes :
    c- crouch
    space- jump
    left alt- run
    Caps lock- tactical
    #Support Comp Mode

  • [ENG]Uni-Sol[ENG]Uni-Sol Posts: 3,193Player
    Mine is very similar to Doba except I use caps lock for spot and have tactical on left shift, melee on left ctrl.

    Hooah and reporting in are on my side mouse button (mouse 5 and 6)
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  • -=}WoLvErInE{=--=}WoLvErInE{=- Posts: 1,163Beta Tester
    Arrows and numpad for over 15 years here. B)
  • underwareunderware Posts: 23Player
    I have smaller hands so I like to keep all the important controls close

    W,A,S,D - Movement
    Q,E - Lean
    F - Rate of fire
    C - Takedown
    X - Crouch
    Z - Prone
    Shift - Sprint
    CTRL - Bandage
  • IO_i_OIIO_i_OI Posts: 1,107Player
    First I go on any empty map. Then I hit the "Live Macro Record" button. Then I run around pressing, clicking, shooting, and fragging at every place I can thing of. Then I set the Macro to M1 key.

    When I get in game and the round starts then I just hit the M1 key and drink some coffee!
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  • i use a belkin n52, so my keys are limited

    most default except:

    Lcntrl - team voip
    Lshift - grenade 2
    TAB - Tactical
    F - sprint
    I - scoreboard
    G - supported
    LAlt - Medic (and teamspeak)
    Z - spot
    mouse 5 - interact/takedown
    mouse 4 - grenade 1
  • -Ner0--Ner0- Posts: 1,576Player
    edited September 2015
    2: Lean left
    3: Lean right
    E: Interact and takedown (leave takedown blank in settings)
    F: Throw fog
    G: Throw grenade
    4: Equip grenade
    5: Equip fog
    Q: Spot
    I: Bandage
    Rest is default.
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  • 4DChessGenius4DChessGenius Posts: 2,161Player
    edited September 2015
    I set these up back around 1999-2000 when I played CS, TFC, and Firearms mod (Half-Life). Then after that I transferred them to AAO and been using with a variation here and there ever since.

    MOUSE2 = Crouch (Crouching was more important in the half-life mods-Also makes crouch shooting easier :smiley: )
    MOUSE4 = Prone
    MOUSE5 = Report (Also for external VOIP if used - Every time I'd talk on VOIP, I'd report in)
    CTRL = Sight Up (needed to put this somewhere else after losing MOUSE2, CTRL was easiest)
    Shift = Jump (I know the standard is Space, I think I moved it here because in CS I would walk a lot and it felt more comfortable to use Space for Walk rather than Shift or whatever it was)
    Space = Action (I used to use E (HL) or T (AAO), Space became easier for me in AAPG)
    F = Bandage
    Alt = Tactical (this used to be Space in AAO)
    X = Sprint

    All others are default.
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  • SL_zOmbiSL_zOmbi Posts: 115Player
    edited September 2015
    As an little cs1.6 kiddie...

    Lcntrl - Crouch
    Lshift - Prone
    Mousebutton5 - Tactical
    alt - sprint
    Tab - scoreboard
    non binded - supported
    f - Medic/use/takedown
    non binded - spot
    r - reload
    qe - lean
    wasd - movement
    space - jump <--- Most hitten button i think. lol
    mousewheeldown - Rate of fire
  • SSKwaNtedSSKwaNted Posts: 266Player
    Mouse 4 = bandage
    Mouse 5 = supported position
    Middle mouse = reload
    Change fire mode = r
    Spot enemy = z

    Everything else should be on default.
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  • -v3.Bart!-v3.Bart! Posts: 125Player
    E=action key
    mousewheelup=change fire mode

    Rest is default for me.
  • |FOX|Pitpav|FOX|Pitpav Posts: 41Player
    WXAD - movement
    mouse 4 - spot enemy
    mouse 5 - global VOIP
    rest dafault
  • .shhfiftyfive-.shhfiftyfive- Posts: 495Player
    edited September 2015
    m - bandage (from aa2 days)
    q - spot (from bf3)
    f - quick frag #2 (from early beta)
    g - quick frag #1 (same)
    alt - prone (oh **** button)
    ctrl - team voip
    mouse 4 - tactical
    e - interact
    x - hooah
    f3 - full screen map (similar to aa2)
    mouse wheel up/down - lean (barely use them)

  • Dct.F|LeventeDct.F|Levente Posts: 615Beta Tester
    I see so many weird binds here... :open_mouth: Here is my own.
    My non-default binds:
    Mouse wheel controls nothing (my mouse wheel is a bit broken).
    0 - swap weapons (on my keyboard, the 0 key is directly left from the 1 key)
    2 - equip nade slot 1 (both quick trows are unbound, AA3 style)
    3 - equip nade slot 2
    4 - bandage
    LShift - supported position
    LCtrl - takedown
    X - prone
    C - crouch
    LAlt - sprint
    Mouse4 - tactical mode (quickly reaching tactical mode does come handy sometimes)
    Mouse5 - spot
    Tab - scoreboard
  • KnuckleDusterKnuckleDuster Posts: 26Player
    I guess everyone has their own finger gymnastics lol.

    Q- left lean
    R mouse- Right lean
    L mouse- Fire
    Mid mouse- Voip
    WASD- Move
    Caps-spot enemy
    mouse scroll up- Takedown
    G- Bandage
    F- Interact
    X- Prone
    C- Crouch
    L Shift- Tactical
    1- Frag
    2- Flash
    3- Smoke

    W - forward
    S - back
    A - left
    D - right
    Q - lean left
    E - lean right
    R - report in
    T - take down
    CAPS - spot enemy
    SPC - jump/hold breath
    G - heal/bandage
    LEFT SHFT - crouch
    LEFT CTRL - sprint
    LEFT ALT - tactical
    X - prone
    Z - supported
    V - fire mode

    Button 1 (left mouse) - fire
    Button 2 (right mouse) - scope in
    Button 3 (middle) - interact (revive/secure/take/open/close/etc)
    Button 3 wheel - weapon scroll
    Button 4 (thumb button closest to the palm - reload
    Button 5 (thumb button furthest to the palm - team voice

  • CrushmasterCrushmaster Posts: 501Player
    Everything is standard for me, excepts I use have the "L" key bound for takedown ("L" for "Larsen", that is, Matt Larsen, founder of the Modern Army Combatives Program). I sometimes accidentally hit the "T" for team chat, though, so I may need to do some rebinds...
  • Keebler750Keebler750 Posts: 3,613Beta Tester
    edited October 2015
    WASD - movement
    QE - lean (with "hold to lean" OFF)
    Double tap forward to sprint
    Space - jump
    LShift - Crouch (it's right under my pinky)
    CapLock - Prone
    L-CTRL - Alt Sprint
    L-ALT - tactical
    X - report in
    Z - a very awkward "Anchor"
    R - use, heal, takedown
    F - bandage
    Scroll Up - next weapon
    Scroll Down - Reload
    Middle Mouse - fire modes

    I came from 15 year of Arrow Key usage just two years ago, so I'm a newb...
  • Bashar_al-AssadBashar_al-Assad Posts: 579Player
    Everything is standard for me, excepts I use have the "L" key bound for takedown ("L" for "Larsen", that is, Matt Larsen, founder of the Modern Army Combatives Program). I sometimes accidentally hit the "T" for team chat, though, so I may need to do some rebinds...

    L is so far :D
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