oVie Solo Plays #1

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Solo Plays #1

Dear community,

After the feedback / suggestions (thanks!) from the previous videos I thought of doing something 'new'.

One of the many heard arguments is that people wanted to see full gameplay instead of a simple kill compilation. How did I get in a certain situation and how did I manage to survive / die / whatever.

Because of this I thought of doing the following: short videos of my gameplay (without music, so you can actually hear the ingame sounds) where I would play against a few (at least 2) enemies. Why? Well, because that is the most exciting (in my honest opinion).

For now the gameplay is from public (when scrims start on opt-in / full release I will add those). In my own defense, it's only from 6v6 and most players in 6v6 are more or less decent. I will also try to choose difficult situations. It's not a secret that I play a defense role in SSK, if the rest sucks (K) I will be the last guy standing. I notice that in public as well.

Of course, feedback / suggestions is always appreciated and if you guys like the videos I will upload some more! Obviously depending on the quality of gameplay and my remaining time.




TL;DR - New series of short gameplay, no music, public gameplay - scrims later, feedback is welcome.
SHU wrote:
It is our server, we pay for it. So if we think or want to ban, we do it, no need for explanation there are more then 400 other servers, go and have fun.


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