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  • LashPTLashPT Posts: 12Player
    Real M4 firing sound

    What I expect for M4 is something like this, I believe the sound change due to the mic quality/distance.



    Not sure about the rifle in this last video, if it his M4.

    This is the Army game so we should have real sound of weapons.

  • TrIn@dOr^SuRTrIn@dOr^SuR Posts: 215Player
    Totally different, I liked it.
  • .sauce.sauce Posts: 308Player

    I don't mind the weapons sounds, some tweaking needed, sure, but I think they are pretty close. My biggest confusion is similar to the old sound, but more pronounced now (though I think easier to fix). I don't have a problem with having quiet footsteps (prefer having them louder though), what I struggle with right now is that my footsteps sound really loud, meanwhile the guy next to me sounds really quiet. That displacement destroys any spacial awareness. We automatically generate a spacial map in our minds when we hear ourselves in game, and at this point that map is skewed the second someone else comes close and we realize their footsteps don't match the spacial map we've created. Long story short, either increase footstep sounds to better match the sounds of the player, or reduce the player sounds to better match the footsteps around them. If anything, I would imagine a person learns to mentally muffle their own sounds as they can obviously anticipate them, so sounds around them would end up being more pronounced. Again, I'm not talking about hearing footsteps over gunshots or anything like that, I'm talking at the beginning of a round I immediately lose that spacial map as I hear my footsteps being significantly louder than the other 11 guys right next to me. Maybe I'm misunderstanding how it all works but I think i've said enough for you to know what I mean.

    Also, fwiw, I turned off CMSS 3d and all other creative additions last night and my listening experience significantly improved. Granted, the dynamics I described above were still off, but everything else seemed better.
    Hello sir, excellent accuracy.

  • Well don't know if anyone has mentioned this before, but i use several different soundcards in my pc, now i can't select a soundcard anymore so it uses the standard ones, which are not connected to my headphones making me uninstalling this version right away, i'm going back to the old version...
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    It would be nice if someone would jump in here and tell everyone how the Devs have just totally changed sound engines to one that will be great for the game once it gets tweaked with help from the feedback of players who are getting an awesome chance to be involved!

    ...oh wait, I just did tell everyone....


    Everyone talks about constructive criticism but no one gives an example. The best kind of feedback says what you'd like to see, and what specifically is not meeting that expectation.

    DON'T SAY: "The sound is terrible; the floors are all wrong." This just makes the Devs search all over the game for what you're talking about, if they don't discount your poor feedback altogether.

    INSTEAD: "The floors in Siege look like plywood, but when I walk on them they sound like metal checkerplate flooring. In fact, all plywood floors in the game seem to sound like that. Is it possible to change this?" This gives the Devs something specific to put on their list!

    By giving this kind of feedback, you help the team churn through all the stuff that still needs to get done before the final release.

    This has been a test of the emergency flame-fest system. Please do not adjust your set.
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    The pistol sounds like a beasty elephant gun compared to the M4. It sounds like it could kill godzilla with 1 shot to the toe

    and for s... and giggles.. I would keep that sound the way it is LOL..
  • .!.dgodfather.!.dgodfather Posts: 461Player
    There is a lot of room for improvement in the audio. Pistol sounds the best quite honestly. Everything I fired sounded like it was off in the distance, not from a first person perspective. The gun sounds might be okay if I felt like the sound was coming from the gun I was firing. Maybe it's the loudness of the pistol that makes sense. I dunno. That's for someone else to figure out.
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    7 pages and it seems the only consensus is the footsteps "are not right" and that there's "too much echo". Everything else one says It's great another says it's... not great.
    .13Flixxer wrote: »
    Well don't know if anyone has mentioned this before, but i use several different soundcards in my pc, now i can't select a soundcard anymore so it uses the standard ones, which are not connected to my headphones making me uninstalling this version right away, i'm going back to the old version...

    Disable the unintended devices at windows sound manager. That might help.
  • i'm sorry, i need both devices, one is for the speakers for when my pc uses the tv-screen, then my wife can watch something on the tv while i play with my headphones on the pc-screen, that way we both can do what we want. I don't want to have to change the sounddevice each time i wanna play or watch a movie, the fact that i can choose ingame which soundcard i can use was one of the best selling points for me when i started playing this game.
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    I only played for a real short amount of time, but the main thing that bothered me was that I couldn't hear anyone. The actual sounds themselves, I thought were quite good although they could sound a little odd at times.

    IMO, footsteps should be loud enough that you can hear them from a somewhat decent distance. However, they shouldn't be able to be heard over gunfire that's either originating from an area close by or when there are bullets flying by your head. If done right, cover fire could help players advance (not in tactical mode) without the enemy hearing them.
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    -mini Map is awesome the rest of the hud is not that good the previous was better.
    -sound is really bad, and the previous was awesome keep it xD
    -AK is Overpowered
    -the scoring is better
    -the sensitivity settings are worst and you should include a separate sensitivity for when you are looking through the scope(red dots included)
    I think we can handle all the changes but not the sound, you have to return the sound to the previous one

    Just hate the new weapon sounds....Love the old ones.

  • TrIn@dOr^SuRTrIn@dOr^SuR Posts: 215Player
    Another thing that I forgot to mention, internal teamspeak sometimes does not work for an entire game, after the reloading of the next map comes back.

    And when you mute ALL, both sides (just testing), people that is MOD in this forum are not muted.

    Yesterday I was playing with m_herman (or similar), and he was the only one I could hear after muting everyone.
  • derob.Stephanderob.Stephan Posts: 62Player
    Audio from AA2 was and still is one of the best, imo

    Gunfire and footsteps are perfect

  • LashPTLashPT Posts: 12Player
    "Audio from AA2"
    No complaint with it, just feels right.
  • TheTotsTheTots Posts: 2,279Player
    Thanks everyone for the great sound feedback. Soundy has taken all of this and is going to work on tweaks for the next opt-in.
  • [eSC]General.Jung[eSC]General.Jung Posts: 144Player
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    <p>Dear Developers,</p>

    <p>Sorry but I was just about to put my feedback in to the dedicated thread as it was closed, and I though that I would still have the weekend to do so.</p>

    <p>it is already possible to hear the potential of the new sound engine Wwise, but currently it is worst then in the default public build in most cases.</p>

    <p>The biggest problem is the global muffling that is even noticeable in the loading screen videos, so it seems like a global problem, of course its seems most noticeable on weapons.</p>

    <p>- its muffled (dead-sound,bassy) in general including the videos<br>
    - its imbalanced, like the weapon sounds in relation to the firing mode change sound or like the magazine change<br>
    - the weapons might be more realistic because of the ear protection, but I want weapon sounds that delivers their power too me (like in AA2)<br>
    - bad distance reliability, sometimes I can hear a healing mate far a way in other building<br>
    - geometry, like walls often not reduces the sounds as they should<br>
    - own footsteps are still misinterpretable as one of the enemies<br>
    - locating a soundsource is still pretty hard sometimes<br>
    - footsteps are too much silent</p>

    <p>Soundchips: EMU20K1 (X-Fi) + ALC892 (onboard) via Sennheiser Stereo Headphones + 5.1 Headphones</p>
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    Automatic fire sounds really weird to me. Like there is no reverb or falloff. No echo. The M16 doesn't have this. It sounds pretty good actually. Tune all weapons to sound more like that i'd say. :)

    Also it seems to have too much bass. A higher pitch, more metalic sound would be better imo.

    The reloading sound is also weird. Sometimes it's loud and sometimes it sounds like someone's reloading in another room. I noticed this on redline at spawn.
  • ddra-ddra- Posts: 455Player
    Remember to test the sound with Flat equalizer settings, and SBX Pro Studio off (if you're a Soundblaster card owner). The sound was a lot different at first when I neglected to turn these off. However, the majority of posts in the thread still stand, just that the sound was different.
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