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  • I'm sure gun control will be solved in this thread.
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    In related news.....two kids killed by IKEA dressers. I'd rather be shot than have my obituary read that I was taken out by some cheap shelving units.
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    There are more deaths by vending machines than by sharks.
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    =IK=Doba= wrote: »
    So many instances where kids find patents guns, kills friend, brother, sister etc accidently.

    Eliminate that gun and that family still has a child.. throw all the stats you want.. to that family your stats are meaningless.

    I might feel a little safer here in the UK knowing we have strict a 'no gun' policy where if you even so much as have one in your possession without some kind of licence, you go to jail for a long time. But.. where we may have less gun crime.. we make up for in Knife crime.

    Come to the UK, get stabbed.

    Knife crime is high on the agenda though and any possession is punished, quite hard, which is of course a good thing. I just feel there's little one can put forward to promote gun ownership other than dampening the statistics against it. The subjectiveness of feeling safer owning it, is not enough here, nor is comparing it to something totally unrelated as failures by doctors. That's a totally different discussion.
    At the end of the day those states that are stricter on it, have become so, because of gun crime not the other way round. To be honest the first step in America should be to disallow anything that's automatic and a cap on higher caliber weapons, there is and never will be a good argument to have those in private hands.
    I am totally for having those on a gun-range, I can't see any fault in that, but to have those in your home is totally unnecessary and can't be put forward as a means of self defence. You might as well live in a bunker.
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