[BR ]BlueRidge Clan - Recruiting

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Team BlueRidge is an anti-cheat clan looking to recruiting solid players to play in comp,practices and scrimms. We are currently active on the Fragged Nation ladder and would like to be ready to jump back in for Open Season 4. We are also recruiting for pub play. We are a good bunch of fellows who respect others , likes to play together, and have fun We are looking for people over 18 and under 18 depending if you are mature enough.

We have:
TS3 server :
2 Public Servers : &
1 Match Server:
Awesome Website : http://www.blueridgeclan.com

We currently have members from 15 up into their 50`s. Idk how they can play at 50 but thats another story, stop by and say hi!

Note: Must have a clean gaming background. Members are required to apply for an ACI "Streaming Member" membership prior to acceptance into the clan.


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