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We have built an impressive Punkbuster Screenshot viewer that you can install on any php webserver to retrieve your games punkbuster screenshots. In order to use PB Stream, your game must be protected by "Punkbuster" and your server company / server admin must make your screenshots publicly viewable.

What is PB Stream built with?

Each line of code has been written to be super fast and reliable. We have also used the latest developer standards and tools to create a truly simple and effective punkbuster screenshot viewer.

Why use PB Stream?
Our system is so easy to use and install: a child could do it! All you need to retrieve your screenshots is a publically viewable html page from your game host / server admin and that's it! You cannot find a screenshot viewer on the net with all of our up to date coding, design elements or gallery layout type.
What games are supported?

America's Army Proving Grounds
Battlefield 3, 4 and Hardline
Medal of honor warfighter

Download PB Stream here:
Free Download

Can I see a working demo?

How do I install PB Stream? I need a step by step guide!

Need help or support?

Want to donate?
Please donate via our site.
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  • AvgusteAvguste Posts: 125Player
    Well done. Once my server provider gets me the appropriate html ss link, I will have to email you for access.

  • =[101st]=Wolverine=[101st]=Wolverine Posts: 1,169Beta Tester
    Nice work Vapor :+1:
  • vapor.ivapor.i Posts: 272Player
    I can't take credit for the coding aspect but it's my design. I'm glad you guys like it!
    I will be sending out some free copies when we get the pbstream site all built....it's about 65% done as it stands now.
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    We have removed the paid option, it is now free to download!

    Download it here

    Want to see a demo?

    Enjoy it guys we spent quite a bit of time and effort getting this project done.
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  • ddra-ddra- Posts: 455Player
    I'm sure many admins will be appreciative of this.
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    I'm not sure many cheaterz will be appreciative of this :lol:

    Good job V@por!
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  • vapor.ivapor.i Posts: 272Player
    Thanks, updated OP to add more info. Appreciate the feedback :)
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  • weakness_aaweakness_aa Posts: 148Player
    Is there anyway to download the D3G without having to create an account on your site? If so, the direct download link does not work.
  • vapor.ivapor.i Posts: 272Player
    No sorry, you have to register
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  • vapor.ivapor.i Posts: 272Player
    AA2 veteran player / fanboy
  • -[U|S|A]-DannyBoy-[U|S|A]-DannyBoy Posts: 376Beta Tester
    I already have a website up on the server host.. Although it is very new and under construction..

    Would I have to use a sub domain? Because my site already has an index.html.. Sorry this is new to me.. I followed the link to this old post from a recent one..

    One day I will graduate noob school!!!

  • dodokilleursdodokilleurs Posts: 2Player
    pls need help idiot pinkbuster kick of all server all time
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