Looking For A Clan.

getLowgetLow Posts: 2Player
A clan that's active in scrims/battles ;)

AAPG is my first AA genre, but learning the game.

Played as: +Graphite^ & Noobleet, Nooblit^

Past Clans: UG_ United Godz.


  • .dcG-Colts^.dcG-Colts^ Posts: 1,973Player
    edited July 2015
    Hard for me to recommend you to any team. I have not played with you much just a round or 2 today i think? But asking around like this is a good step. But most teams are not very active in scrims/battles right now. These are the 8 teams I know to be active right now according to ESL thing going on right now.
    • Apex Predators tag = Apx.
    • Conviction tag = con
    • Iron Knights tag= IK
    • Out for blood tag= OFB
    • acid tag=?
    • Team Omni tag= omni.
    • volient resolution tag= vR
    • Whose Next tag= wn.
    • Another team not on here but wanted to be on here is c5. that is there tag c5.

    Good Luck. I am sure full release will bring more teams back and active again. Maybe even perma opt-in may do that not sure.
    Pie charts + Graphs= Very Bad.

  • [UGM]Fire@enemy[UGM]Fire@enemy Posts: 10Player
    Underground Gaming Militia is recruting. !8+ and 17- we have a junior division for.

    I'm pretty sure we have faced eachother, an you have kicked my [TOS Violation] a few times lol.

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