unable to rotate objects

when i hit the spacebar i see the rotation option,
but when i click it to rotate it doesnt do anything.
is there a way to fix this problem? or a shortcut to rotate objects?


  • DELTATHUND3RDELTATHUND3R Posts: 126Moderator
    mmm..Off the top of head I cant think of a hotKey that locks Rotation Widget"Pitch,Roll,Yaw"
    Are you selecting just one of those actions?
    You could have rotation snap on 90
    Click View Rotation Grid if its on 90 degrees change to 2.81 degrees..

  • Zero*PR*Zero*PR* Posts: 2Player
    it worked thanks for the help :smiley:
  • DELTATHUND3RDELTATHUND3R Posts: 126Moderator
    my pleasure matey....
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