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Hi guys.

some know me, many new devs dont,
As a point of perspective, the new clantag system basicly ... is bad to rule out all bad profanity.

been in the game 17years plus, and last time I felt like taking a few years break was in AA3, until now that is.
The Clan tag stuff is just....bad, what was needed to make me feel I had it with this game.
I was waiting a bit to be able to even just get the clantag back on, but when I could, then I couldnt. 4 digits, no spacing caracters??? really? You want the game to die finally after all this time?

my tag should be -=H E L L=-


guys, you did it again. mess up something that really worked just fine instead of actually just going for parts in the game that matters.

Signing off.

Vote for tag system
  1. What do you think of the "clan tag" system now?26 votes
    1. Keep the new tag setup
    2. Go back to how it was
    3. Take a break
    4. Go back to how it was or take a break


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    I don't like how any game uses Steam for your in game name. This is an inconvenience to have to change your name between logging into different games. I also don't use an AAPG clan tag on all games that I play with steam. We should have just been allowed to tag like we did in older versions with the option on the website and not so restricted with what you can use as you have it now.
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    Fix it before I return. (:
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    I cant understand what was the reason behind this thing...why mess up a setting that worked perfectly fine.

    AA2 2005 - 2015
    AA:PG 2015-
  • TystarTystar Posts: 1Player
    Useless change
  • doogle!doogle! Posts: 733Player
    20 of 20 votes are against how this was implemented. Big ooof
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    Would be better if they instead of making problems for all the clans in tournaments having to change their names or change clantags that they just added ingame clantag as optional from their website without changing the setup for soldier names...

    I liked the fact before where one account could set up more soldiers, also if one play for different teams as of tournaments.

    As of playing different games and needing to change my steamname everytime in order to get a correct clantag is a no go for me
  • So it's more about being to lazy to change the name on steam that literally takes like 3 seconds to do, the clan tag system is dog. They know it is, but this is like the last of our problems with the game and by far isn't a problem that would kill this game.

    Things that should be fixed are the netcode, engine exploits and game breaking bugs, not that it will be fixed because why spend more resources on a game that isn't even worth playing at this point.
  • Pr0b3Pr0b3 Posts: 107Player
    lazy? yeah probably when I play up to 5 different games a day with different people, ... its not lazy its just a pain in the [TOS Violation]. and totaly rediculous
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