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I’ve searched this forum and the search results are endless… can’t seem to see if it was posted before.

I have a trigger action I can’t seem to get to function properly and wanted to see if maybe I’m doing it wrong.

I have a trigger (touch) that activates looping alarm sounds all over the map. This trigger functions properly. I have a second trigger (use) at a computer to disable the alarm sounds, but it’s not showing up in game. In kismet I have it stopping the matinee. When in game and standing where the trigger is, there should be a use action popping up on the screen but it’s not.

Any one have thoughts on how to get this to stop and actually appear in game?


  • =[R]=ChairForce=[R]=ChairForce Posts: 3Player
    got it working. deleted everything and started over with no issues on the tiggers.

    I do have door issues though. When a player hits the trigger the door opens and if they are in the way it stops and doesnt reset. then it's messed up the rest of the match. Any ideas?
  • 13Cav.Kendmac13Cav.Kendmac Posts: 93Player
    Remove the stop on collide on the mover or attach a trigger to the edge of the door, if it gets triggered thne you can rewind the matinee
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