get rid of inner hospital

no one will play the good maps
Im not gonna play inner hospital.
i havent played in two years because n
i dont want to play inner hospital. noone plays homestead or stone ruins or many other good maps. I wqont plaqy anymore if I have to play the same 3 maps all the time. Cant you force them to mix it up a little?

Tired of inner hospital, cant you force them to mix it up a little.
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  • frankoffrankof Posts: 1,077Moderator
    While i agree that inner hospital is rather boring it is impossible to force players to play maps they dont like.
  • =[R]=BigJohnson=[R]=BigJohnson Posts: 4Player
    You can always be outvoted on the public servers, and you can't make people play other maps on their own servers for sure. However, there is much more to the game than stock maps. Come join us on the Renegades Servers with a selection of almost 300 User Made Maps. There are many great maps by many great map makers that contribute to the community. Come join our servers for a large selection. We stay ranked in the top 5 on Gametracker and cycle back and forth with 2 other great UMM Clans as the top 3 UMM Servers. And we NEVER play inner Hospital, lol. Anyway, good times ahead if you broaden your horizon.
    Hope to see you on the Battlefield.
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