Punkbuster meesage

Game logs in, after 20 to 30 seconds I receive a message: Punkbuster kicked for 0 minutes error service communication. Checked firewall and all of AAPG is permitted wand no alerts to any intrusions or denials.


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  • m_hermannm_hermann Posts: 656Moderator
    just paste the log as text, but as you suspect, it is network or firewall related. possibly blocked by your provider


    Ports used:

    UDP 9987
    UDP 7778
    UDP 8765
    UDP 8778
    TCP/UDP 27000-27030


    Can you post your game log?
    (Do it right after you crash( or get kicked and exit the game) as the file gets overwritten each time you play.)
    C:\Users\user name\Documents\My Games\America's Army Proving Grounds\AAGame\Logs\AAclient.log

    Just the last 100 lines or so
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